Around the Web – 11/2/14

What it is Hulklings! Guess it’s time to put up the Christmas tree already. Halloween better hold the line, I’m not putting up with this crap. Anywho, another site’s been added to the weekly round, The Otaku Judge! He’s been one of my most frequent commenters. I tried to hail him once or twice, but that jerk never responded. And there’s no contact info on his site that I can find so I’m just going to add him here. TOO BAD!! This week I have another fantastic TV editorial, the true story of Batman’s creation, top 5 character deaths in any medium, and another Saturday Morning Cartoon! On with the show!

The Otaku Judge

Anime has long since outgrown the underground movement of the 80s and 90s where it was either butchered for American television or slapped with a fansub and passed around on VHS. Surprisingly, anime has grown since then, and become incredibly difficult to keep up with (for me at least). Thankfully, the Otaku Judge has you covered. And it’s not just a clever name, the Judge has good taste.


Review of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – First, mechs don’t really do it for me. Second, how do you pronounce the title?

Random Thoughts of 210Darryl

Books is the one category I neglect the most, but not for lack of trying. Thankfully, 210Darryl has my back with reviews of books that pique my interest, or ones to avoid. It’s not all books though, as 210Darryl definitely lives up to the random part of his title page.


Random Review: The Riven Kingdom and Hammer of God by Karen Miller – I want to love fantasy stories but cliched ones annoy the crap out of me. Despite the solid writing, I won’t be picking up this one.


THN is one of my favorite podcasts. I can’t wait for the new episode each week. Hosts Matt Baum and Joe Patrick have a great dynamic, as well as produce a quality product. I know how much work goes into making a podcast, and seeing how tightly scripted their show is, along with all the background music, puts me in awe. Even if your interest in comics is passing, give them a listen, you’ll be entertained. Full disclosure, I write the Saturday Morning Cartoon series for THN.


Answer of the Week 72: Superhero Analogues – There were a lot of characters mentioned that I didn’t know were analogues, or ever even heard of.

THE NOSTALGIA BLOG – Facebook / Twitter

Who doesn’t love a good flashback? The Nostalgia Blog has everything you’d want from “hey, remember this?” to news of comeback from anything, 80s, 90s, or anything retro. Growing up across both decades, I constantly look forward to posts on this site.


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – I’ve been looking for this one (by looking I mean thinking it) to show my kids. I can’t believe it was made in 1949.

Stay-At-Home Gaming – Facebook Twitter

It takes talent to add a different slant to video game writing, in addition to making it entertaining. Stay-At-Home Gaming has that in spades. While their reviews are solid, covering a wide variety of games old and new, I look forward to the random Gaming Fun posts. Everything at SAH is creative, and most importantly, fun.


All Gamestops to be Closed for Thanksgiving – Oh noes! I was looking forward to running to the story to burn off my Turkey! (Note the font – Times New Sarcasm).

WHAT’S YOUR TAG? – Facebook / Twitter

With so much gaming news coming out daily, it’s easy to miss most of it. What’s Your Tag? has your back. From great reviews to all manner of gaming news, small and big, WYT? is smart and fun. Plus, their weekly comic strip is hilarious.


Pier Solar and the Great Architects HD Review – A 90s inspired RPG? I’m in.

SNES A DAY – Twitter / Tumblr

The SNES is one of, if not the best home consoles. Cory over at SNES a Day has made it his goal to play every game in the catalog in the order they released. The write-ups are fantastic, and honestly, I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of this first.


Day 146: The Hunt for Red October – Whaddaya mean you’re taking a week off?

How was your week? Want to be friends with The Credible Hulk? Comment below!

Oh boy. 

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