The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Bundled Demo Discs

Anyone who discovered gaming with the Xbox 360/PS3, or later consoles, are spoiled. Game demos available via digital markets have become the norm. Prior to these consoles, demos were a rarity. The original Playstation occasionally had a demo disc with a mix of game stages and trailers, but otherwise, that was it. Still, there were a few times were a high profile demo was packaged with a release to bolster sales. Here’s my top 5 bundled game demos.

5. Halo 3 Beta (Crackdown)


Access to the highly anticipated Halo 3 beta was bundled months prior with new I.P. Crackdown. Unlike other games on this list, Crackdown was amazing. Thanks to the Halo beta, this game quickly found an audience. I think I was the only person who didn’t play the Halo beta, only buying it for Crackdown.

4. Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt (Nintendo DS)


The big, gray, clam shell design was terrible. Worse still was Nintendo’s first attempt at using the touch screen as a digital analog stick. If you’ve never used the thumb strap, you don’t know what pain is. Hunters eventually released, but by then Nintendo had dropped the touch-screen-analog-stick design. The controls in this demo left such a bad taste in my mouth I still don’t want to play the actual game. Still, with so little to play on my new console, I tried like hell with the demo.

3. Sonic Adventure 2 (Phantasy Star Online)


Despite the Dreamcast’s impending demise, I still loved the console. Though Phantasy Star Online gave me hours of enjoyment, the bundled demo for Sonic Adventure 2 provided just as much enjoyment. I was desperately hoping for an improvement from the first game. While the final product is questionable, the demo, wisely centering on Sonic, was a lot of fun.

2. Metal Gear Solid 2 (Zone of the Enders)


After the amazing Metal Gear Solid on the original Playstation, hopes were high for the sequel. So much so, Konami thought the actual game, Zone of the Enders, was worth a sequel. Z.O.E. 2 sold abysmally. I played the MGS2 demo like crazy, and was incredibly let down when the game finally released. Sigh.

1. Final Fantasy VII (Tobal No.1)


I spent countless hours with the FFVII demo and the included game, Tobal No. 1. The demo included videos for a few other games, and a demo for Bushido Blade. I couldn’t figure that game out for the life of me.

What demos have you spent too much time with? Comment below!

Yay lists!


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