The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Bad Seasons of Great Shows

With continuous phenomenal writing there’s bound to be a relative low point. What’s the worst season of Breaking Bad? One must be lesser than the rest. Occasionally, a fantastic show can completely strikeout, even when compared to others. Here’s my top 5 bad seasons of great shows. To qualify, great in the sense that it’s generally critically acclaimed and fan loved, and worst is measured by any standard.

5. Friday Night Lights Season 2

Friday Night Lights

I am not a football fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t mind watching dramas about it (I’ll always remember the Titans). The first season of Friday Night Lights was amazing, but instantly ran into the problem that any high school drama runs into, characters graduating and leaving. The second season completely bottomed out. Unlike the rest of the shows here, I quit with this one. The shark stem cell whatever story line in Mexico was a giant step too far.

4. Parks and Recreation Season 1


Parks and Rec is an amazing show, but had no clue what it wanted to be with the first six episode season, much like The Office. Season two quickly remedied that, with the show continuing to evolve, avoiding the pitfall of characters becoming stagnant. Pitfall, see what I did there?

3. Weeds Season 4


The shows entire concept came to an end with season three. This was a natural conclusion. What came after was lunacy, or rather, any excuse to keep the show going. Somehow, Weeds ran for another 5 seasons, reinventing itself every year. Honestly, I was impressed, Weeds managed to remain mildly entertaining (and I love Mary Louise-Parker). Still, the first season of change was jarring.

2. Supernatural Season 7


I’ve lamented how Supernatural should have ended with season five, with the show limping to that point. Somehow, it’s lived twice as long, with every season delivering diminishing returns. While seasons seven, eight, and nine were equally disappointing, seven wins out as the worst. The amazing setup from six was squandered, swerving into disappointment.

1. Sons of Anarchy Season 3


This was terrible. All momentum from the first two incredible seasons was lost. Bringing the gang to Belfast, Ireland was a horrible choice. I want to say the story was bad, but I’m not entirely sure, as the overabundance of thick Irish accents were indecipherable. I didn’t watch SoA for 2 years after this.

What bad seasons of your favorite shows let you down? Any make you quit? Comment below!

Hard to cull down to 5. 

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