Comic Reviews: 9/10/14 – Batgirl: Futures End #1, Lazarus #1, Annihilators #1, Batman: Futures End #1, Copperhead #1

What a week folks! Nary a Marvel book in sight! Shock and gasp! Truth be told, I would have reviewed Avengers Underground #10, but I’m not caught up. I really wanted to read Teen Dog #1 and Wilds Ends #1 (from Dan Abnett), but couldn’t get my hands on a copy of either. Alas! On to the books that are.

Batgirl: Futures End #1


So ends Gail Simone’s Batgirl run. I didn’t care for it and picked this up because of the cover. Birds of Bane? Banes of Prey? The events that set Barbara on her path were weak, though the outcome was fun. Simone took the opportunity to showcase a few characters we’ve been without for too long. In the end, this was Barbara’s show, giving the others little time, and zero explanation. Despite the poor opening, this was still a fun story. A good single issue, though Swamp Thing was better.

Lazarus #11


As usually, another great issue of Lazarus from Rucka and Lark. Rather than give an overall critique, I’d like to focus on the page above. That page perfectly embodies the expert storytelling from both creators. The conversation was solid and smart, told from a past tense, third person perspective. The art, though wordless, followed it wonderfully.

Annihilators #1


Not what I was expecting. Even has I read, Morrison continued to subvert my expectations. While there were elements I enjoyed, the general flow seemed broken. Nearly every conversation seemed to be missing a few bubbles or panels. I could follow the concepts, but the minutia was weak. Morrison is hit or miss for me, and this is a definite miss. Frazer Irving’s art didn’t work either. The general character design mixed with the bland coloring failed. The characters lankiness was bothersome, and words cannot describe protagonist Ray’s awful hair. I could have gotten behind the story on the opening pages. Too bad this wasn’t that.

Batman: Futures End #1


Batman: Futures End #1 showcased a logical conclusion to the character. The execution was well done while the mystery was kept to the end, baiting readers early on. The gritty art by ACO (whoever that is) fit well with the now typical dark story. Aside from a lettering error (“Engaging the Ellen system”?), this was a solid single issue, stronger than Batgirl. I hope Batman’s current health is echoed in the other Futures End titles, though I doubt it will be.

Copperhead #1


Space Western indeed. Despite the setting, I didn’t get a strong sense of either, which isn’t a negative. Instead, this had a impression of realism and authenticity that grounded the setting. The aliens, world, and history were so well integrated they cancelled out the heightened elements. For me, Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski didn’t hit their Space Western mark, but instead stumbled upon something more legitimate.

What did you read this week? Comment below!



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