Comic Book History: Marvel’s Original Sin

Marvel’s first event for 2014 (it’s sad that it needs to qualified as the first) was a murder mystery. The Watcher was horrifically murdered, his eyes stolen, and with it, his secrets. His secrets were released, tarnishing Marvel’s heroes as they learned secrets from their past. Did the concept pay off or was this another means to an end?


Original Sin #1

From writer Jason Aaron and artist Mike Deodato, the 8 issue series ran for 3 months, including a manageable number of tie-ins and spins-offs. An explosion on the moon calls the Avengers into action. Uatu, the Watcher, is found dead in his moon base with his eyes removed from his head. Nick Fury leads an investigation into his murder while a select group of heroes are tasked by a mysterious person to follow another investigation.

The heroes confront the Orb, Doctor Midas, his army of Mindless Ones, and his daughter, Exterminatrix (don’t worry, I’ve never heard of them either) who are in possession of one of the eyes. They claim they aren’t the murderers. The Orb activates the eye, with everyone present, save for Fury, learning a secret from their past. Aside from the murder mystery, this was the main billing for the series, though none of the secret revelations were mentioned in the main book. They were instead showcased in a number of poorly named tie-ins (Original Sin 3.1 – 3.4, Original Sin 5.1, Original Sins 1 – 5), and some in mainline books.

Original Sin #3

Original Sin #3

Spider-man learned the spider that bit him also bit a girl, Cindy Moon. She had been imprisoned, he freed her, she now goes by Silk. Hulk learned Iron Man removed shielding from the gamma bomb the transformed him, though in actuality, the excess shielding would have caused more damage. Daredevil found his mother. Cap remembered the mind wipe the Illuminati performed on him. Gamora learned how Nova and Star-Lord escaped the Cancerverse. Strangest of all, Thor learned that Angela was his sister, hailing from the expelled tenth realm.

Original Sin #3

Original Sin #3

Meanwhile, Doctor Strange and the Punisher delved into another realm, finding dead monsters. Ant-Man, Emma Frost and Black Panther found dead monsters underground. Gamora, Moon Knight, and Bucky discover a dead, living-planet (similar to Ego). They, like Uatu, were all killed with gamma irradiated bullets. Bucky blows up Moon Knight’s ship, leaving him and Gamora stranded as he teleports away. He finds Fury, decapitating him. This Fury was one of his LMD’s (Life Model Decoys – that’s why this Fury didn’t see any secrets, shock and gasp!). Bucky traces its controlss back to a hidden satellite. Strange, Panther, Gamora (thanks to Rocket Raccoon) and the rest rendezvous there. The real Fury reveals himself, who’s now an aged many with a bevy of young LMDs.

Original Sin #4

Original Sin #4

The Infinity Formula that kept Fury young had worn off, he was dying. He revealed to the group his true mission. An alien invasion many years ago nearly succeeded if not for Woody McCord, though he died saving the planet before a young Nick Fury. His partner was Howard Stark. Stark revealed that McCord was the Man on the Wall, who secretly kept Earth safe from other worldly attacks, offering Fury the job. Present day Fury sent these heroes to see the trail of bodies he’s left, hoping one would take his place. The group didn’t accept this, instead trying to capture Fury for his crimes while the Avengers arrived to do the same. During the battle, Fury whispered something in Thor’s ear, causing him to drop his hammer, making him unworthy. What he said wasn’t revealed.

Fury escaped, trying to stop Midas & co. who was attempting to absorb Uatu’s power from his corpse. Finally, Uatu’s killer was revealed to be Fury. Midas broke into Uatu’s keep, trying to steal weapons. He battled Uatu, taking an eye. Fury arrived too late. Uatu refused to say who killed him, or what they took. Fury, realizing his secrets were kept in his eyes, killed him, taking his other eye in hopes to learn what happened. Fury managed to stop Midas, as his ‘replacements’ were closing in, by forcing him to absorb the eye. The rest of the Avengers arrived, finding no trace of Fury or Midas. The Orb, slightly crazed, escapes with the other eye. The final page revealed that Fury had taken Uatu’s place as the Watcher, but was shackled, forced to only observe.

Original Sin #8

Original Sin #8

Original Sin succeeded where many previous Marvel events failed, telling a complete story. Though this wasn’t a means to an end, establishing ten or so different status quos, the mystery was stretched beyond the breaking point. A tight four issues, like Siege, would have served the story better. The villains were superfluous, only padding the already stretched book.  While this didn’t perpetuate past mistakes that plagued previous events, it created ones of its own. Though I did enjoy the poetic ending.

Did Original Sin let you down? What did you think of the ending? Comment below!

Failing to see the point.


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