Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Review – Globetrottin’

After the fantastic second season, the only place for SoA to go was down. Considering how everything was left, it was impossible to not be excited this season. Not only did it let down, I’m hard pressed to explain anything that happened. Normally, this is indicative of lackluster storytelling. Not so here. What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.


Have you ever eavesdropped on an intense phone conversation? Did questions such as ‘why are they so angry’ or ‘whatever could they be talking about’ cross your mind? Then you have an idea what it was like watching this season. Jax’s son, Abel, was kidnapped and brought to Belfast, Ireland. As such, this heavily featured members of the IRA, as well as others with heavy Irish accents. While I appreciate the adherence to character, this created a nigh impenetrable barrier.

It’s possible the fault lies with myself, but hearing through word of mouth and reading other’s thoughts, I’m apparently not alone. I have a hard enough time understanding Chibs (Tommy Flanagan). When there’s 15 of him though, I have no idea what’s going on. Everything seemed like a one sided conversation. And scenes where only Irish natives spoke, forget it. Given the language barrier, it was difficult to invest or even care. Seeing the gang run off to Belfast was laughable. I understand why they went, but being there, with their bikes, was a bit stupid.


There was a heartfelt moment that caught my attention. Jax had the chance to let his son go, keeping him away from the MC life. Seeing him choose that path was difficult to watch. It was completely undercut seeing the choice taken away from him moments later. While I can see how that twist seemed like a good idea, it came at a cost to the viewer, undoing what came moments before.

Season 3 was in production as Conan O’Brien was leaving The Tonight Show, and was offered a roll in the IRA. I wish he accepted.

Typically, when a creator’s second round is uninspired after an amazing opening, it’s called a sophomore slump. What is it called when the first is good, the second is great, and third is terrible? Junior jinx? Junior jumble? That appears to be a thing.


This season left me so apathetic, I didn’t return to the show for nearly two years. Honestly, all you need are a few cliffnotes. They got Abel back and went to jail. The end. Trust me, you’re not missing much else.

Were you as lost as I was? Wish Conan was on the show? Comment below!



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