Around the Web – 9/7/14

What it is Hulklings! What’s on tap for this week? Let me tell you. I’ve got a comic book history for Marvel’s latest event, a review for the first season of HBO’s newest show, and a list of the top 5 games I perpetually rented. Yay content!


The SNES is one of, if not the best home consoles. Cory over at SNES a Day has made it his goal to play every game in the catalog in the order they released. The write-ups are fantastic, and honestly, I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of this first.


Day 99: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – Hungry for RPGs, I discovered this after FFVI and Chrono Trigger. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.


THN is one of my favorite podcasts. I can’t wait for the new episode each week. Hosts Matt Baum and Joe Patrick have a great dynamic, as well as produce a quality product. I know how much work goes into making a podcast, and seeing how tightly scripted their show is, along with all the background music, puts me in awe. Even if your interest in comics is passing, give them a listen, you’ll be entertained. Full disclosure, I write the Saturday Morning Cartoon series for THN.


Girl Meets Nerd: Jurassic Park – Coincidentally, I watched this with my kids the day before it posted. Still a great movie.


Who doesn’t love a good flashback? The Nostalgia blog has everything you’d want from “hey, remember this?” to news of comeback from anything, 80s, 90s, or anything retro. Growing up across both decades, I constantly look forward to posts on this site.


5 Forgotten 90s Movies – Why did I look at this? Gordy? Babs? Ugh…

Stay-At-Home Gaming – Facebook Twitter

It takes talent to add a different slant to video game writing, in addition to making it entertaining. Stay-At-Home Gaming has that in spades. While their reviews are solid, covering a wide variety of games old and new, I look forward to the random Gaming Fun posts. Everything at SAH is creative, and most importantly, fun.


Top 5 Reason to Release Games in Summer – I missed this one last week! (Fourth wall breaking – I usually write this on Saturdays, but had to early last week, out of town). Though SAH had another article this week, I enjoyed this one more. All very good reasons.


With so much gaming news coming out daily, it’s easy to miss most of it. What’s Your Tag? has your back. From great reviews to all manner of gaming news, small and big, WYT? is smart and fun. Plus, their weekly comic strip is hilarious.


Steam Removes Early Access Game The Stomping Land – I’ve learned to avoid early access games, and this is precisely why. It’s bad enough they abandoned this on Steam, but with over $100k in Kickstarter funds too. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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6 responses to “Around the Web – 9/7/14

  1. Thanks for the link back, as always. Early Access is definitely a double edged sword, and at least now developers will know that Steam will take action if they’re being lazy. Like I mentioned in the article though, I’m not sure if that’s punishment enough, as they’ve already collected a pretty penny from consumers who shelled out $24.99 on Steam, plus what they took in through Kickstarter.

    • It’s still bull. I have a game (can’t think of it right now) that was some life simulator, similar to Banished. Developers stopped working on it pretty quick. The screen shots in Steam are essentially mockups. It’s terrible. Steam hast the caveat of buyer beware, but still, this is outright legal theft.

      • I think Steam should put up more explicit warnings about what exactly Early Access is. Like a pop-up during checkout that says “hey, this game might never be finished and might not work very well. This is for supporting the developers and the game first and foremost. Is that okay?”

        The only early access game I’ve purchased has been Audiosurf 2, and I would feel totally okay if development stopped today. It’s a great game.

      • I’ve been saying it all along that Steam’s current buyer beware policy does nothing to protect the ones that are actually investing money in the product. It’s only there so Steam doesn’t legally have to issue refunds. It’s one-sided and basically gives any dev free reign to half-ass their product or pull the plug at any time without penalty.

      • With that said though, I’ve actually had really great luck with Early Access games. Tango Fiesta and Black Ice update constantly, and their dev team is always interacting with their player base on the Steam forums. Crypt of the NecroDancer is another one.

    • It is a two edged sword. Steam takes a stance similar to a car manufacturer. You don’t sue Ford b/c someone hit you while they were texting. In this case, it doesn’t work. Steam is the be all end all, there’s no chance of getting in touch of a developer without them. I think early access can be a great tool, creating a chance for an active community to interact. I think companies with proven track records should be allowed to use it, not brand new devs.

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