Highlander: The Series – Swords and Ponytails

Modern television is overflowing with genre shows. Every esoteric corner is covered, horror (The Walking Dead), sci-fi (Lost), and even fantasy (Game of Thrones). In the 90’s, there were a few popular shows that scratched that itch, but only airing in syndication, meaning who knows when or if you’d see new episodes. Of them, a handful are well-known and highly regarded today, Hercules: The Legendary Journey, Xena: Warrior Princess, and the most popular, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Standing among these popular shows a spin-off from a movie series, Highlander: The Series.


The Highlander story is simple. Immortals,people chosen at random, walk the Earth. They battle one another, with their death only coming from the removal of their head. Upon their death, their power is transferred. The tagline for the show, as well as the movie series is, “there can be only one” (there’s no way you haven’t heard that). The movie centered on an immortal who was born in the highlands of Scotland, Connor MacLeod (Chris Lambert, who’s actually French).


The pilot episode for the show only featured Lambert briefly, as he didn’t want to do television. He helped setup series star Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), fellow clansman and pupil. After his introduction, the show centered on him, new comer Ritchie (Stan Kirsch), a soon to be realized immortal.

While the movie series instantly become garbage with the second part, the series actually did a great job of telling solid, evolving stories over six seasons. Well, maybe five. The show was meant to run for five season, with a cataclysmic end. The show was renewed for a sixth, which presented a problem as many actors had already moved on to other project. Paul himself wasn’t even present for a handful of the final episodes. Instead, producers experimented with introducing new characters for what became the spin-off, Highlander: The Raven. But we won’t talk about that.


Still, with over 100 solid episodes behind them, this was a great show to watch. I do warn however, it’s a product of it’s time, and full of anachronisms. Story telling has evolved, which might hinder the experience for some.

The biggest question I’ve always had was, how in the hell did they always have their swords? Where did they keep them? Were they manifested?

Also, the Queen song “Princes of the Universe” is used for the opening. It’s still bitching. I love it.

Did you watch the adventures of Duncan MacLeod? Does that theme song still rock or what? Comment below!

They’re trying to reboot it. 

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