The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Game Consoles

For weeks, I’ve been building to this list. I had the idea for a Top 5 post of my favorite consoles a while ago, but what about the games? In no particular order I’ve been releasing lists of my Top 5 games for each console below, culminating in this post. Eventually, I’ll circle around to the other consoles not here. I’ll get to handhelds one day, too. Without further ado, my Top 5 game consoles!

5. Sega Genesis


Competition yields better performances. The Super Nintendo wouldn’t be half the console it was without the Genesis. Since then, one console easily dominated sales and mind share every generation. Look to the current, 8th generation. The Xbox One and PS4 are in heated combat, much like the Genesis and SNES 20 years ago. Then as now, no matter the victor, gamers will ultimately win. Despite their obnoxious ad campaigns, or their eventual demise, this was the golden age of Sega.

4. Nintendo 64


In some ways, this was a sad followup to the SNES. The games were few, but astounding. This was the true birth of 3D games. There were a few stumbles and learning curves along the way, but games like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Banjo Kazooie made the console a success. I traded in my PS1 and 15 games for an N64, walking away with only the console and Mario 64. This is when I learned Gamestop was a scam. I saved my money to buy them back though. It’s hard to regret this decision.

3. Xbox 360


Much of online gaming, downloadable games, and metagames (Achievements) are thanks to the Xbox 360. Despite the Red Ring of Death, Microsoft bounced back offering not only a solid online service (albeit overpriced), but a plethora of games. This was one of the tougher consoles to rank my favorite games for, there were far too many. This will always be remembered for evolving consoles for the communication age.

2. Playstation One


This was a tough choice. There could be only one, the PS2 or the PS1. I easily spent more time with the PS2, and the DVD functionality was amazing, but looking at my favorite games for both, I had to go with the PS1. As my hunger for RPGs grew, this was my only refuge. Despite many games not holding up graphically today, that doesn’t take away from the gameplay.

1. Super Nintendo


Without a doubt, the SNES has always been my favorite console. I think top 100 lists are a bit of a joke, but if there’s ever a console I could write one for, it’s this. I won’t do a Top 5 list of my games because the top 3 spots would go to the same top 3 SNES games, FFVI, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Chrono Trigger. I play as many PC games as I can with my USB SNES controller. Plus, it helps that nearly all the games hold up wonderfully today. Except Starfox, that never looked good.

I had a lot of fun working up to this list. Now, I’m off to decipher my Top 5’s for the other consoles! Whoosh!

What’s your favorite console? How does your list compare to mine? Comment below!



3 responses to “The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Game Consoles

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  2. I think I liked the PS2 more than the PS1, but I can understand your choice if RPGs are your thing. The original Playstation did after all have some of the best Final Fantasies.

  3. PS2 vs PS1 was a tough call for me. I knew their would only be one. I based it on the RPGs, as I’m more inclined to the genre. There in lies the problem. For the bulk of the PS2’s existence, I was in the Navy. Though I knew they existed (Rouge Galaxy, Dark Cloud, Shadow Covenant), there were many games I missed and still hope to one day return to (ha!). That gave the PS1 the edge, purely because I spent more time with it. Plus, it had Symphony of the Night.

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