DC Animated: Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman is the best of the DC animated features. Along with having a perfect cast, fluid animation, and fantastic story, this captured the essence of character, firmly planting her in Greek mythology where she belongs. Her character has never been more comfortable than she is here.  This is the best Wonder Woman has ever been, in any medium.


The feature film, written by Gail Simone & Michael Jelenic, incorporates every element that makes the character shine. Her origin, along with the rest of the Amazons, is showcased, throwing in everything from Zeus to the invisible jet. Admittedly, some elements (like the aforementioned jet) are goofy when juxtaposed against the Greek themes. Here, they work. Rather than being called out or explained, they just are. Why does she have a jet? Who cares.


Normally I don’t notice movie ratings, but here it was apparent. This is a solid PG-13 movie, with a level of violence that isn’t gratuitous, but would be noticeable if absent. Blood, stabbing and decapitation are frequently shown, adding authenticity to the Amazon’s warrior ways.

Keri Russel was perfect as Diana, sounding confident throughout. Nathan Fillion voiced Steve Trevor. Let’s face facts, he’s perfect in everything. Alfred Molina played Ares, and I couldn’t help but compare him to James Woods. Half the time, I had to convince myself it wasn’t Woods. I think I’ve seen one too many Disney cartoons. The rest of the cast was solid with Rosario Dawson as Artemis, Oliver Platt as Hades, and Virginia Madsen Hippolyta. The only weak link was Vicki Lewis as Persephone, who took frequent, robotic pauses as she spoke.


Wonder Woman has been out of place for years in the comics, something recently rectified in the New 52 (strangely enough). This movie shows she belongs among the Greek gods. She rightfully should have a spot on the Justice League, but Wonder Woman has never worked better than when steeped in mythology.

Sadly, this performed so poorly that it’s almost assured she won’t get another spotlight, not in this animated incarnation at least. DC has said their movies will center on Superman, Batman, and the Justice League, though they said they would showcase other heroes in a Justice League movie. Much like they did with the Flash in Flashpoint (still annoyed that was our Flash movie.


This is a fantastic movie everyone should watch. Wonder Woman has never been better. Beware of a little bit of violence with the youngins though. I watched it with my girls, and they loved it, especially because she’s a girl (girls need superheroes too).

Think WW is best in Greece? Wish they’d make features about other heroes? Comment below!

Loved that final scene. 


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