Comic Reviews: 8/6/14 – Moon Knight #6, Invincible #113, Action Comics #34, & More

Comics. Amiright? This was a solid four start week. Nothing earth shattering, but nothing subpar either. Just solid. Solid. Words. I got ’em.

Moon Knight #6


And so ends the best run Moon Knight’s had in a long time, if ever. Sadly, this was the weakest issue of the six, but that’s a relative comparison. Moon Knight is barely present, as we watch the creation of a new, would be villain. The pathos was interesting, but the lack of Spectre’s presence was noticeable. A descent ending though, coming back around to the first issue.

Invincible #113


Robot’s invasion is in full swing. It looks like he’s about to clear his largest hurdle, the Viltrumites, with logic. Who wants to guess it’ll all be up to Mark to save the day. After the explosive opening, it’s been a slow burn to the climax. Another amazing event for Invincible.

Action Comics #34


I have no idea what’s going on, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Other than Action Comics, I haven’t been reading any of the other Doomed titles. Looks like, despite the cover, Superman’s no longer doomed (get it?). What happened to Lois? Anywho, not bad. No clue what’s going on, but fun.

New Avengers #22


New Avengers is still telling the same story from issue #1 (though they sidestepped for Infinity), and they don’t seem to be any closer to solving the problem. Finally, Black Panther breaks, throwing down with Namor. It’s about time. The art, by Kev Walker, is a jarring switch after the last few issues from Valerio Schiti. Still loving this series.

The New 52 Futures End #14


It’s been a little while since I’ve checked. I’m still reading it every week, and I honestly have no clue what’s going on. Frankenstein is still the most interesting (though he’s been absent), Grifter, not Red Robin, Batman Beyond and Grifter (yes, I said it twice) aren’t amounting to anything. No clue where this is going, or what it’s trying to do, or why, but I’m along for the ride, because I’m stupid like that.

What did you read this week? Comment below!

Not too shabby. 

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