The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Ninja Turtle Vehicles

Action figures were not meant to walk from battle to battle. No, no. they were made to travel in style! Everyone’s favorite pizza-eating amphibians are no different. After cataloging the various nonsensical TMNT figures I owned, it’s now time for their vehicles/battlestations/farming equipment. Basically anything not a figure. Once again, I limited myself to the 1987 series of toys and only figures I owned. Let me know in the comments which ones you owned!

Note: Thanks to Virtual Ninja Turtle Museum where I did all my research and for providing images. If it’s a turtle molded in plastic, it’s there. 

5. Don’s Parachute


I have fond memories of this one. Oh the countless hours I spent throwing it over our second floor banister, not understanding why the parachute failed to slow Donatello’s decent. Stupid physics.

4. Turtle Sub


Fun fact, taking this one in the bath tub will at very least ruin the stickers. And the sub itself (why does a Turtle need a sub?), not water tight. R.I.P. Meatball.

3. Cheap Skate


The Cheap Skate will always have a special place in my heart. This, along with an original Raphael, were the first turtles toys I owned. I remember taking it with me to Kindergarten and playing with it during lunch. Mostly because my lunch had a tomato, and as I came to discover, tomatoes are disgusting.

2. Sewer Play Set


My adolescent mind exploded that faithful Christmas morning when I awoke to find not only my new Sewer Play Set, er, set up, but my new Turtles figures had already moved in. Best. Christmas. Ever.

1. Technodrome


It was a toss up between this and the Sewer Play Set for number one. Both were pivotal Turtle accessories. When it came down to it, one could do with the Sewers, but not the Technodrome. Many a Turtle, Transformer, agent of M.A.S.K., and Batman had fallen trying to take this mobile fortress head-on, crushed under the cascading eyeball-boulder.

The wave of nostalgia! It’s sucking me in! I need to do more of these posts. I love me some toys action figures. What do kids play with now? iPhones? What the crap is that? Pansies. Real boys knew the crushing blow of real Judo chopping action! And the pain of being pelted in the head by one of these. I think I still have a scar. On a final note, I leave you with this.


What Turtle vehicles did you have? What was your favorite? Comment below!

Hmmm, ideas


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