Comic Review: 7/30/14 – The Wake #10, Low #1, Hawkeye #19, & More

Guardians of the Galaxy! Guardians of the Galaxy! Guardians of the Galaxy! Oh, and comic book reviews too.

The Wake #10


The Wake has finally come to an end, and what a ride it’s been. This issue is a bit overwhelming, and deserves to be read contiguously with the previous issues. My problem with issues like this is how overstuffed they become. Aside from answering questions (of which there are many), it must resolve the final conflict while providing an ending for the characters. While Snyder and Murphy certainly do there best, it still feels like too much. Though this provides complex answers for everything, this needed to be decompressed.

Low #1


The only word I can think of is ‘meh.’  I was bored the entire time I read this. The art was annoying, with fisheye lens perspectives at odd times, warping some characters in a panel and not others. Plus, a lettering error (it’s bout not bought) really bothered me (not saying I’m perfect, but when you’re paying money for something, it’s bothersome). There’s plenty of high concept ideas here, but the art hindered my connection with the characters.

Hawkeye #19


It’s been a bit since the last issue. Hawkeye’s been more miss than hit lately, but this is a turn in the right direction. More amazing storytelling is on display, using sign language throughout the issue. The page layout was amazing. I’m interested to hear what people who speak ASL got out of this (I don’t). With the series likely coming to an end soon, hopefully this is the start of a strong finale.

Black Science #7


Black Science is back after a hiatus, and it’s been missed. Aside from cranking the dimension hopping concept to 11, this continues to defy expectation by changing expected characterization. Plus, Matteo Scalera’s amazing art only adds to the experience. I love how this constantly opens in medias res. I don’t know where were this is going and I don’t care, I’m all in.

Outcast #2


This is a bit of a decompression after the last issue. Kirkman has already set out all the pieces, now it’s time to start building, something he does wonderfully. This will be a slow burn, for a time. A new character shows up, already making his presence known in foreboding ways. This show book is one to watch read.

What did you read this week? Comment below!

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