Around the Web 8/3/14

What it is Hulklings! Guardians of the Galaxy! I’ve been waiting two years for this movie! Aahhh! And that’s not all! This week I have a game review I wrote months ago (don’t ask), another Top 5 list from my toy chest, and an anime that I just don’t understand. Let’s see what everyone has got.

The Two Headed Nerd Comicast with Joe and Matt – Facebook / Twitter 

THN is one of my favorite podcasts. I can’t wait for the new episode each week. Hosts Matt Baum and Joe Patrick have a great dynamic, as well as produce a quality product. I know how much work goes into making a podcast, and seeing how tightly scripted their show is, along with all the background music, puts me in awe. Even if your interest in comics is passing, give them a listen, you’ll be entertained. Full disclosure, I write the Saturday Morning Cartoon series for THN.

The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast

The Two-Headed Nerd Comicast

THN 171: SDCC 2014 Special – Holy crap there was a lot of news from the San Diego Comic-Con this year! THN went through it all! Head, spinning!

The Nostalgia Blog – Facebook / Twitter

Who doesn’t love a good flashback? The Nostalgia blog has everything you’d want from “hey, remember this?” to news of comeback from anything, 80s, 90s, or anything retro. Growing up across both decades, I constantly look forward to posts on this site.


Everything Wrong with TMNT (1990) – As I just watched the 1990 movie recently, I wish I saw this beforehand.

What’s Your Tag? – Facebook / Twitter

With so much gaming news coming out daily, it’s easy to miss most of it. What’s Your Tag? has your back. From great reviews to all manner of gaming news, small and big, WYT? is smart and fun. Plus, their weekly comic strip is hilarious.


Gamestop Credit Card – This is terrible, on many levels. Debt is horrible control mechanism used by corporations to make money. Every person needs to take a finance class before graduating high school. I don’t know why it’s not taught in the American school system.

SNES a Day – Twitter / Tumblr

The SNES is one of, if not the best home consoles. Cory over at SNES a Day has made it his goal to play every game in the catalog in the order they released. The write-ups are fantastic, and honestly, I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of this first.


Day 66: Clue – Remember that board game category I had (with a total of three entires)? Well, I have one planned for Clue, but you know, whatever. I’ll get to it. In the mean time, SNES Clue!

How was your week? Want to be friends with The Credible Hulk? Comment below!

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