Comic Reviews: 7/23/14 – Batman #33, Superman #33, Wonder Woman #33, & More

Who would have thought? Three DC books in one week, and nary a Marvel book in sight. Honestly, the only Marvel book I had this week was Daredevil #6, but seeing the good crop of DC books, I went with it. I picked Trees, though I’ve reviewed every issue so far, because this one is make or break. Let’s see how the others fared.

Batman #33


Finally, the national crisis of Year Zero has ended! To be fair this wasn’t a terrible story, just one that’s gone on far too long (part one, issue #21,  released in June 2013). Maybe it will read better collected. The story had an interesting climax, and I liked the fake-out with Alfred in the epilogue. I’m a little confused how a Bat-signal would stall the jets though. At least the art from Capullo was amazing.

Superman #33


It’s difficult to make a completely original Superman story. The first issue of Johns’s run had an interesting premise, but nothing we haven’t seen before. This one expands on it, letting it stand on its own. I liked the twist at the end and can’t wait to see more. Also, holy exposition. A bit text heavy at the beginning. Thought I was reading JJJ going on a rant, not Perry White.

Wonder Woman #33


Ah! Azzarello’s run on WW is almost over! This is going to be a good. I love the look of the First Born, he’s creepier every time we see him. Diana said it best, “Gross.” Even if the ball is completely dropped (which it won’t be), this is the best Wonder Woman run, period.

Saga #21


This was all setup, which is in no way a bad thing. Pieces are moving into place, some with obvious outcomes and others, who knows. I could read issues like this by Vaughan all day. It’s the characters that make the book fun, not the story, which is on full display here.

Trees #3


Seriously, no clue what to make of this book. Every issue has been different so far. The first one, good, the second, terrible, and this one, good. Taking this on its own, I enjoyed it a bit, though I don’t have a clue what’s going on. Guess I’ll be sticking with it for a bit longer.

What did you read this week? Comment below!

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