The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Comic Book Events

There was a time where comic events were just that, events. Some cataclysmic incident, dictated by story, not publishing mandate, would occur, uniting many of the characters to fight some looming threat. Told, many fall under the weight of their own hype, becoming annualized, or in Marvel’s case, bi-annualized. Still there are plenty of modern events that were not only great reads, but really did have lasting ramifications. Here’s my top 5.

5. Marvel’s Civil War


Sure, delays caused line wide problems, but EIC Joe Quesada was right to stick to his guns, allowing Steve McNiven the time he needed to complete each issue. Today, the book still looks amazing. There was a few niggling problems with the ending, but this was the first modern event, ushering in a new era for both companies. Many lessons were learned here, both good and bad.

4. DC’s Identity Crisis


Aside from having a lasting impact on DCU as a whole (how long did we hear about Sue Dibny?), this book got me back in comics. Having primarily read Batman trades, seeing him on the cover of Wizard Magazine, the JLA holding him, I had to know what was happening. I jumped right into the deep end, in some places playing catch up.

3. DC’s No Man’s Land (Batman)


As I said above, for years I read Batman trades, primarily during my time in the Navy. Aside from a few one offs (Long Halloween, Dark Knight Returns), this was my favorite story. With storage restrictions during deployment, I had room for little, keeping these 5 trades (plus Cataclysm) on hand. As such, I’ve read these at least half a dozen times.

2. Marvel’s Annihilation


Marvel-Outer Space was dead. This was the shot in the arm that revitalized the entire line, paving the way for Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s spectacular Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy run. This run is the reason the Guardians movie exists.

1. DC’s Sinestro Corps War (Green Lantern)


This is the perfect event. Contained in its own books, the Sinestro Corps War caught everyone by surprise, putting writer Geoff Johns on the map. This is the reason his Green Lantern run is so highly regarded. No prologue needed, jump in, you’ll figure it out. You might not know why Parallax possessing Kyle Rayner is so awe-striking, but you’ll know it’s bad.

This is a personal list, hence my pseudonym in the title. Sure, books like Crisis on Infinite Earths or Secret Wars is more important for the industry, but reading them years removed lessened their impacts. All of these are not only great books, but have personal meaning for me. I doubt any will replace them.

What are your favorite events? Which ones mean the most to you? Comment below!

Kingdom Come almost made it. 


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