Comic Reviews: 7/16/14 – Original Sin #6, She-Hulk #6, Rat Queens #7, & More

Wow, what a bad week for art. Half the books here suffered from poor art, as did a few other titles I read, like Uncanny X-Men #23. I know this was a Marvel heavy week, but what do you expect with a five week month? I know, no DC titles. I won’t be reviewing the weekly titles every week so, sorry. They need to publish better books. I’ll get off my soap box, and on to another. Side note: Nice to see Red5 got the next issue of Robo out in two weeks, instead of two months

Original Sin #6


Exposition! Nick Fury explained almost everything in a slideshow. By a slideshow, I mean stilted art panels. Some kinetic motion would have been nice. This series seems like another bait and switch, almost as bad as Fear Itself. Not what I expected at all. Not bad, just, not what I thought. Now that we see why they’re gathered, some of these choices don’t make sense. Gamora? Scott Lang? Nick Fury is the new Watcher. Let’s get on with it already.

She-Hulk #6


I haven’t checked in with this in a while. I haven’t read a book like this before, and it’s fantastic. The art this issue was abhorrent, particularly during the fight scene. It was almost indiscernible. The transition to ‘two days later’ was jarring, taking me a minute to figure out what happened. I hope they don’t drop the Saywitz case, it’s a good mystery. Otherwise, great title. You better be reading it.

Rat Queens #7


I had check, much like Atomic Robo a few weeks ago, it’s been over two months between issues. It sucks having a break like that mid-arc. Seems like things are getting kicked up a notch with Cthulhus and whatnot. More mysterious pasts teased! Did the last page look blurry to anyone else?

Silver Surfer #4


Haven’t checked in with this one for a bit either. Fantastic issue save for the Guardians of the Galaxy showing up. I get it, movie, they’re in space, why shouldn’t they show up? I stopped reading Bendis’s going nowhere Guardians for a reason. At least Mike Allred is still killing it with the art. All I can say is “Oil can.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #36


And rounding out our bad art week is Mateus Santolouco. I have not liked his interpretation of the Turtles since he took over, at least he’s consistent. This version of the Rat King is different. I’ve enjoyed how this series continues to pile obstacles and threats on the Turtles. Can’t wait to see how this comes back around.

And so ends a very divided week in comics. What did you read this week? Comment below!



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