Comic Reviews: 7/9/14 – Spider-Man 2099 #1, Spread #1, Shutter #4, & More

What’s happening? Another solid, albeit light week this, uh, week. Not much from DC other than the weekly’s, but a few new #1’s. I can tell you, writing the introduction last, that I flew through my books. Every read was fantastic! That hasn’t happened in a while.

Spider-Man 2099 #1


Despite a few niggling elements, this was a fantastic first issue. I haven’t been reading Amazing Spider-Man and wasn’t aware that Miguel was already in present day. This did a decent job catching up. The villain was amazing, striking a balance between robotic and human. Easily the best moment was Miguel’s joke. The setup on the last page was nice, given the preceding events. Peter David’s knocked this one out of the park.

Spread #1


A solid first issue by Justin Jordan (Luthor Strode). The horror monster here, the Spread, was fascinating, creepy, and unique. This was reminiscent of many other post-apocalyptic viral stories, but the actually “plague” was a nice twist. That and dude looks and acts like Wolverine helps.

Shutter #4


A few Image books have dropped in quality since the first issue, but not this one. I can’t exactly explain what’s going on, but it’s good. This is Joe Keatinge’s full imagination on display. Each issue has a fun opening, and this is no different. Though the last one might have been better. Still, skeleton butlers, ghost ninjas, and a robot named Harold (Who names a robot ‘Harold’?). I’m loving this book.

Daredevil #5


Still digging Mark Waid’s run on DD. We finally have answers from the first issue about Foggy. Nothing unexpected, but still with the wonderful charm from the series that I’ve come to love. Get in on this!

Outcast #1


Little behind on this one, but I still needed to talk about it. This was a fantastic first issue. Double the page count for only $2.99. There’s been plenty already said about this, and I could see why. The thing I noticed most was the delivery. While the story was phenomenal, the execution was better. The back story and characters were revealed in slow, subtle ways without anyone outright explaining. No exposition. Well done Mr. Kirkman.

What did you read this week? Comment below!

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