The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Playstation One Games

The Sony Playstation was one of the finest consoles in video game history. It’s debut heralded many changes, becoming the defacto console of choice for gamers, taking the crown away from Nintendo. Bringing the disc medium to the forefront, along with becoming the bastion for all the third party content sealed its fate as one of the greatest consoles of all time. I still have fond memories sitting through that abhorrent initial load screen, and wasting countless hours replaying games. These are my top 5 games on the original Playstation.

5. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete


I’ve long extolled the fantastic story featured here. There’s a reason this has been re-released so many times. While this wasn’t the first iteration, it was the best. Later versions such as the PSP release added more bells and whistles, but the PS1 release nailed it the first time. Plus, it came with all those awesome pack-ins.

4. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain


Aside from being one of the first games I played on PS1, Blood Omen showed me what the console could do. I remember pulling my mother into the room to listen as Kain continually narrated. She wasn’t as impressed as I was. Ignoring the load times (bring up the item menu only if you really need it), this still holds up fantastically. Oh, and ignore the FMV’s (that’s old timer speak for cutscenes) too. This is on PSN, get it.

3. Metal Gear Solid


Never has there been a better boss battle than Psycho Mantis. MGS3 did a decent job recapturing that magic, but I doubt nothing will ever supplant the original. X-Men on Genesis tried to do something similar, having you reset the console, but failed miserably. In a game full of firsts (using smoke to detect lasers, leaving footprints to attract guards), that battle still stands out for me, and everyone else. Ingenious.

2. Final Fantasy VII


This was the reason to own a PS1. The wait for its release was palpable. Though there was info trickling out, it did little to whet my appetite. Everything this game did, multiple discs, unskippable battle scenes, etc., were all groundbreaking. It’s odd to reflect on how the industry has shifted, leaving most of it behind. Still, there’s still plenty this game did that holds up today. Why hasn’t this been remade yet?

1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


It had been years since I played the original when it was re-released on XBLA. I flew through the game, completing the map, finding every secret, and even beating the game with Rictor without missing a beat, not needing to look up a secret. That’s the best indicator as to how many times I played this on PS1.

Though many of the games from the console, including most on this list, don’t withstand the test of time visually, that doesn’t detract from the impact they had. There was a few I sadly needed to cut, like Resident Evil, Soul Reaver, and Wild ARMs, but decisions had to be made.  If there’s any games list I can put a stamp of finality on, it’s this.

What’s your top PS1 games? Agree with mine? Comment below!

Wow does RE not hold up. 


9 responses to “The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Playstation One Games

  1. Final Fantasy would place first if I ever did a PS1 top 5. Psycho Mantis is one of the most creative boss fights ever. I never played MGS on the PS1 though. I experienced it on the Gamecube.

    • Looking back at how the industry has changed knocked FFVII down for me a bit. It’s difficult to play now. Psycho Mantis is amazing! I played Twin Snakes. How they changed his schema, particularly with 4 controller ports was still inventive.

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