Around the Web – 6/29/14

What it is Hulklings! Guess what I’m not doing this week? Seeing the new Transformers! After three installments, I’ve finally learned my lesson. This week, I have the next part in my Language of Gaming editorials, a very tongue-in-cheek Top 5, and a post about one of my favorite animes. Let’s check in with everyone else.

What’s Your Tag? – Facebook / Twitter

With so much gaming news coming out daily, it’s easy to miss most of it. What’s Your Tag? has your back. From great reviews to all manner of gaming news, small and big, WYT? is smart and fun. Plus, their weekly comic strip is hilarious.


Sixty Second Shooter Review – These are always my favorite types of reviews, the smaller indie games the major sites often don’t cover. Especially if it’s a game I haven’t heard of.

The Two Headed Nerd Comicast with Joe and Matt – Facebook / Twitter 

THN is one of my favorite podcasts. I can’t wait for the new episode each week. Hosts Matt Baum and Joe Patrick have a great dynamic, as well as produce a quality product. I know how much work goes into making a podcast, and seeing how tightly scripted their show is, along with all the background music, puts me in awe. Even if your interest in comics is passing, give them a listen, you’ll be entertained. Full disclosure, I write the Saturday Morning Cartoon series for THN.


Answer of the Week 55: Epic Battle! – Knockdown, drag out fights are what superhero comics are for! What’s your favorite?

Button Smashers – Facebook / Twitter

Gaming and anime go hand in hand. Button Smashers has you covered on both fronts. The group of writers over there (which I’m proud to count myself amongst) publish great articles ever week. All manner of awesome and far out gaming corners are covered, as well as modern anime.


NekoJonez: Gaming Music – Number 7: Moar Good Tracks – I realized the other day my ipod mainly consists of Daft Punk, and video game music. I suppose that says something.

The Nostalgia Blog – Facebook / Twitter

Who doesn’t love a good flashback? The Nostalgia blog has everything you’d want from “hey, remember this?” to news of comeback from anything, 80s, 90s, or anything retro. Growing up across both decades, I constantly look forward to posts on this site.


They Live: I’ve come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… – Seeing a post about this classic made me instantly jump. I love this movie! No idea how well it holds up. I should go watch it.

Stay-At-Home Gaming – Facebook Twitter

It takes talent to add a different slant to video game writing, in addition to making it entertaining. Stay-At-Home Gaming has that in spades. While their reviews are solid, covering a wide variety of games old and new, I look forward to the random Gaming Fun posts. Everything at SAH is creative, and most importantly, fun.


Defending Design: Part 1 – This is a subject I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m glad to see someone with smarter than me beat me to it.

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What day is today. 


12 responses to “Around the Web – 6/29/14

  1. ID@Xbox is bringing a lot of unique indie games to Xbox One. I really enjoyed Sixty Second Shooter Prime and Contrast (our review for that goes up tonight probably). Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition was also pretty fun. I think Nutjitsu is the only one we haven’t reviewed yet.

    Thanks for linking back to the review, I appreciate it.

      • I can see that, yeah. The only game I can say it’s familiar to entirely would be Beat Hazard, but it’s so fast and delivered in such short bursts that you never really have time to think about similarities. It’s some of the most fun I’ve have this year as far as a shoot em up goes.

      • I’m not sure, really. There is a lack of new content for both new consoles at the moment, so I guess they just want to offer a bunch of new stuff as it comes available. Especially considering that Sixty Second Shooter Prime and Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition are basically remasters of older titles, and Contrast has been available on every other console since November 2013.

    • You’re right, there’s arguments on to both cases. I think Sony is doing a much better job getting content on the PS4 than Microsoft is with the Xbox One. Sure, most of what PS4 offers is older titles, but they’re there. Microsoft is trying, but it still seems like they’re a step behind.

      • Microsoft was stuttering with their indie market and Xbox Live offerings, but things are starting to pick up. Sony typically releases indie games that have been on Steam already, so it’s not a lot of new stuff. Both need to step up their game during this summer drought, though.

    • Not only is Sony doing that, but porting older PS3/Vita titles as well. The end result is the same for both, no new content, just recycled old ones. Still, this is the typical lull that comes after a console’s release. Next year, if history is any indicator, things will be different.

      • Yeah, I expect things to pick up around the holiday season. Microsoft has a lot of great indie stuff coming down the line with ID@Xbox, as does Sony with their indie focus.

    • True, I’m just looking at 2006 – 2007. For me, Gears of War kicked off the next gen. I’m expecting a game like that, that couldn’t have been done on the previous gen this holiday.

      • I think Microsoft banked on Titanfall being this gen’s Gears, but it just didn’t do it for me. Still waiting on that first huge exclusive from either camp, but there is so much amazing indie stuff right now that I’m okay with waiting.

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