Comic Reviews: 6/25/14 – Superman #32, Deadly Class #6, Rachel Rising #26, & More

Ohs ma god! A week of reviews and nary a Marvel book in sight! Gasp and shock! With a plethora of Image books this week, they certainly dominated my pull list. Plus, Superman #32 finally dropped with the new creative team, Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. (his first time at DC). Everyone is at least going to check it out. What did you read this week?

Superman #32:


This is nothing new. Another Superman type. Heck, Scott Snyder just did this in Superman Unchained. Still, the setup was intriguing, and I was happy to see Johns fix all the whack-a-do things the New 52 has done with Superman (Daily Planet). I’m intrigued. Hopefully this will be good.

Deadly Class #6:


This book nearly lost me, somewhere around issue 2 – 3. Once the road trip started, it hooked me back in. This finally wraps up that arc, with violent consequences. Since this is essentially Rick Remender’s life, I like trying to suss out the non-fiction between the lines of obvious fiction. Hopefully the next arc is just as fun.

Rachel Rising #26:


This book is more intriguing than ever. It seemed as though everything was coming to a close in the last few issues. Now, I’m not so sure. The added element of the blade was a great visualization. Terry Moore has created another masterpiece. Who knows when, or more importantly, how this will end.

The Fuse #5:


I fell behind after the first issue. Reading the last handful in succession was great. This is still a straight up detective story with grounded bits of sci-fi. I like how writer Shari Chankhamma continues to flesh out the world while developing the case. Nothing new exactly, but enough remixed elements to make it fun. I still don’t care for artist Ed Brisson’s depiction of Clem. Still looks like a man.

Invincible #112:


I was a little bumped not seeing a follow up from last issue, though this continues Robot’s conquest from his P.O.V. Massive levels of violence all around. The straits haven’t been this dire since Mark battled Conquest. I have no doubt Mark will win, but at what cost?

What did you read this week? What’s on your list next week? Comment below!

So not seeing Transformers. 


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