The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Movie Trailers that Lied

There’s plenty of movies I’ve been excited to see, but ultimately let down by the final product. A handful still anger me to this day, having me shake my fists in rage to the sky, demanding a refund for my wasted money, or at very least a voucher for a free show. Adding insult to injury, these movies had excellent trailers, sending my mind reeling with the thousands of possibilities of the story within. These are my top 5 movies with awesome trailers, masking the garbage final product. Don’t be fooled! If any of these trailers appeal to you, I promise, they lie.

5. Jumper

I read the book long before the movie. Seeing the trailer, I knew the two had nothing in common. Still, the idea of someone able to capture teleporters was enticing. It was not. Hayden Christensen can’t act. It was pointless. The book went of the rails in the third act, and was still better than this.

4. Clash of the Titans

Remember that 5 minutes when Sam Worthington was in everything? What was that about? Anyways, wow did I hate this movie. Somehow I was roped into seeing it twice in theaters. My favorite part was when they introduced the crag-faced dude, and they couldn’t bother to put the rest of his people in make, and just put black makeup on their faces. It’s clear as day.

3. Prometheus

 You know what make stories great? Endings! This didn’t have one! And was utterly pointless. It’s easy to point at Damon Lindelof as the weak link, but after several stories of his started with a bang and ended with a fizzle (Lost, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine), that’s not a bad luck, that’s a pattern. This was the movie I saw on a first date with my wife, so yes, I remember it vividly.

2. Matrix Reloaded

This was my Emperor’s New Clothes moment. I watched the scene with the architect countless times, trying to wrap my head around it, thinking there was some deeper meaning I wasn’t grasping. Then, I pulled my head out of my ass realized it was utter nonsense. This realization may or may not have coincided with the release of Matrix Revolution.

1. Superman Returns

If you seen this movie, I’m sorry. Also, you’ll know everything that’s wrong with it. This isn’t Superman. Director Bryan Singer was so beholden to the original 1978 version he practically remade it, third act problems and all. How could such a tragedy come to be? Funny you should ask.

What movie trailers have let you down? Comment below!

Razzle frazzle. 


18 responses to “The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Movie Trailers that Lied

  1. Didnt know the kid who “played” Anakin did another movie…I’m glad I didnt see it. I still haven’t watched all of the 1st 3 star wars films. Between his bad acting and Jar Jar…I never made it to part 2 and 3

    • Hayden Christensen only played Anakin in 2 and 3. Jake Lloyd played him in part 1. Lloyd is pretty angry about the enter thing, claiming the movie ruined his life. Christensen’s career was ruined by these movies too, that and the fact he can’t act.

  2. I find that offensive, and you sir are no hulk nor credible. WHERE ARE THE FACTS OF I CAN’T ACT HUH!?!?!? WHHHEEEERRRRRREEEEEEEEE

  3. Shut up Jarballs. You’re a terrible actor.

    More importantly how can you say I’M a terrible actor? Did you even actually watch jumper? I should’ve gotten an award for that role.

    You’re a terrible critic

  4. Whats wrong Jar Jar you f&@&@&@ muppet? Mad you went back in the box after I couldn’t save the movie from your douchey acting?

  5. Awwwwww Jar Jar, did I pull on your muppet strings too hard?

    Cry me a river with George’s hand in your a$$

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