Around the Web – 6/22/14

What it is Hulklings! This week I have count ’em, three movie posts. A review for 22 Jump Street (a week late, but I can’t see two movies every weekend), an editorial about the dumbest nerd showdown in geek history (everybody lost), and top 5 movie trailers, with a twist. On with the show!

Stay-At-Home Gaming – Facebook Twitter

It takes talent to add a different slant to video game writing, in addition to making it entertaining. Stay-At-Home Gaming has that in spades. While their reviews are solid, covering a wide variety of games old and new, I look forward to the random Gaming Fun posts. Everything at SAH is creative, and most importantly, fun.


The Lighter Side of the Sword Coast: The Misadventures of Kalvanis Mantalir Volume VII – Original content! That’s what this site is for! Huzzah!

What’s Your Tag? – Facebook / Twitter

With so much gaming news coming out daily, it’s easy to miss most of it. What’s Your Tag? has your back. From great reviews to all manner of gaming news, small and big, WYT? is smart and fun. Plus, their weekly comic strip is hilarious.


Playstation Promises Fulfilled? Coming? Or Here? – I do so love me some editorials. Having played games since the NES, I’m used to the second year lull after a new consoles release. It sucks, but trust me, history shows next year will be fantastic.

The Two Headed Nerd Comicast with Joe and Matt – Facebook / Twitter 

THN is one of my favorite podcasts. I can’t wait for the new episode each week. Hosts Matt Baum and Joe Patrick have a great dynamic, as well as produce a quality product. I know how much work goes into making a podcast, and seeing how tightly scripted their show is, along with all the background music, puts me in awe. Even if your interest in comics is passing, give them a listen, you’ll be entertained. Full disclosure, I write the Saturday Morning Cartoon series for THN.


Graphic Materials: The Fallacy of Neutrality – Talk about controversial. Apparently, two comic mainstays, Chuck Dixon and Paul Rivoche, talked in the Wall Street Journal about the Moral Relativism in comics. Every adult fan should read this.

Button Smashers – Facebook / Twitter

Gaming and anime go hand in hand. Button Smashers has you covered on both fronts. The group of writers over there (which I’m proud to count myself amongst) publish great articles ever week. All manner of awesome and far out gaming corners are covered, as well as modern anime.


Naruto Chapter 681: Kaguya’s Tears | Zetsu: The Ultimate Stalker – Fun fact, while I was in college, in one, 8 hour sitting, I read 430 some odd chapters of Naruto, from the beginning until some point I can only vaguely describe. I’ll pick this back up when it’s finished.

The Nostalgia Blog – Facebook / Twitter

Who doesn’t love a good flashback? The Nostalgia blog has everything you’d want from “hey, remember this?” to news of comeback from anything, 80s, 90s, or anything retro. Growing up across both decades, I constantly look forward to posts on this site.


Big Willie Style – I Miss Will Smith’s Music Career – I do too. There was a time when he had the trifecta – movies, television, and music. He’s abandoned two of them and the third he’s using as a vehicle to subject us to his children. Sigh.

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Seriously, loved that trailer. 


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