The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Sega Genesis Games

The Sega Genesis is a console I hold near and dear to my heart. I was lucky enough to own it, and a Super Nintendo simultaneously, with both seeing equal amounts of play. While the SNES won that generation, the Genesis certainly gave it a run for it’s money, spawning some of the best titles the company’s ever produced. Here are a list of my favorites. Honorable mention: Phantasy Star IV and Shinobi III.

5. Beyond Oasis


One of the last Genesis games released. I don’t think this title got a fair shake because of the impending Saturn. Luckily, that can be rectified on Nintendo’s Virtual Console. While the controls are a little clunky today (four directional movement, something corrected in the sequel), it’s still a great Zelda like game that deserves attention.

4. Gunstar Heroes


The first time I played this was some time in 1993. I didn’t beat it until 2004. That damn dice game, I could never beat that level. The dice would never land right for me, causing me to fight numerous foes. If I did the level first, I wouldn’t be strong enough, come later and I’d get burned out. The fact that I kept coming back to this fantastic game (what ever happened to Treasure?) is a testament to the game’s quality.

3. Aladdin


Titles releasing on multiple consoles is nothing new. However, during the SNES – Genesis days, not only would games release on both, often times they’d be completely different games. That’s the case with Aladdin. The Genesis version is where it was at. I lost count of how many times I played through this, using the level skip cheat to replay my favorite level. I loved this game.

2. Sonic 3


If I could include the Knuckles lock-on as one game, that would replace this. But if I had to pick, Sonic 3. I can see why Sonic 2 is a superior Sonic game in a few ways (honestly, I love them both), but Sonic 3 kicked the level design up a notch, adding all manner of secrets, and introduced a save file feature. This brought be back for more, making me feel like I made progress. Oh, and I have all the special stages memorized (present tense, that crap never left me). I can get Super Sonic by stage 3.

1. Shining Force II


This was the second RPG I owned, behind Chrono Trigger. I know every secret. Every secret character, all the hidden promotions, all of it. I’ve had play throughs where I’ve not promoted anyone, promoted everyone, maxed out my team’s level, I’ve done it all. It breaks my heart that true sequel was never released in the states. Still, I’m happy to have this.

Oh my, got a little emotional there for a minute. I love me some Genesis I tell you what. What are your favorite Genesis games? Think a different Sega console was better? Comment below!

Dreamcast 2, now. 


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