Comic Reviews: 6/11/14 – Hulk #4, Batman Eternal #10, Astro City #13 & More

What it is Hulklings! Not too many big releases this week, might have something to do with video games. Maybe. Anywho, there was still plenty to read.

Hulk #4:


Normally, I wouldn’t be so hard on this, but considering there’s only one more issue, an Original Sin tie-in at that, this is more or less the finale to Waid’s run. Too much was left unanswered. I didn’t mind Waid setting up pieces for the next guy, leaving Banner’s mental capabilities unknown, but who shot him? What was the blackmail he held over S.H.I.E.L.D.? Feels like Waid’s run was prematurely cut short.

Batman Eternal #10:


This should be the main thread. Falcone, Gordon, Stephanie Brown. Maybe Harper too. Everything else is superfluous, and hasn’t been touched on beyond an introduction. At least the cop/Falcone angle has progressed. Riccardo Burchielli’s art was decent, keeping with the style set by his predecessors. I didn’t care for his depiction of Stephanie though, too curvy. Action was fine, and Pyg’s henchmen were creepy.

Astro City #13:


This book as always been a mixed bag as far as the style of tales go. I honestly don’t know what I read here. Most of the threads seemed too disparaged, though I loved the depiction of the Dancing Master, how the art changed in his panels. An odd issue, but at this point, it doesn’t really matter.

The Sixth Gun #41:


Back stories can be a bit tricky, with the potential to weaken or strengthen a character. More often is the former. This issue was all about the Grey Witch, and her history. I wasn’t expecting it, nor did I need her background explained, she just was. Still, this was great, bolstering her as a credible threat.

The Eltingville Club:


I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but after THN’s review, I had to check it out. Sadly, I didn’t find this as funny as other did, mostly because I thought it hit the nail too hard on the head. Not that I resemble any of the wildly overdone characters here, but I’ve known many who do. To me, this just points out all the flaws with my fan culture, making me a little sad.

What did you read this week? What are you looking forward to next week? Comment below!

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