Comic Reviews: 5/28/14 – Batman #31, Uncanny Avengers #20, Trees #1, & More

Insert witty catch phrase! Sorry about the delay, just returned from traveling. Bit of a mixed bag this week, averaging out to mediocre, but nothing out right bad. Though one came pretty close. Dig in!

Batman #31:


One of the coolest Batman moments I’ve seen in a while, gutting the gas tank. Damn straight. Otherwise, this has been on par with the series so far, though the interlaced flashback was a little heavy handed. If you’ve been enjoying this, keep on trucking.

Uncanny Avengers #20:


This issue was when I realized I wanted the series as an omnibus. I’ve cut back on collecting trades over the years, making me selective with my choices. I will gladly carve out a space on my shelf for this epic run. The story’s climax here was amazing in this (I’m guessing) penultimate issue. Between this and the upcoming event, AXIS, Uncanny Avengers is the place to be.

Doctor  Spektor #1:


I picked this one up solely based on the writer’s name, Mark Waid, not knowing what it was about. I wish I had read the solicit. A brilliant, but trouble mind, T.V.’s Doctor Spektor is an occultist, blah blah. It’s hard to say if the story was bad or not, as find ones following eccentric public personalities grating. My eyes nearly rolled out of my head when he looked at the camera and said ” Cha-ching.” Cliches abound.

Trees #1:


Another book I picked up based on the writer, Warren Ellis, only I enjoyed this one more. The idea was inventive, aliens using Earth as their dump site. The multiple perspectives reminded me of World War Z. While this didn’t completely hook me, there was enough for me to try a few more issues. Has Rio surpassed Tokyo as disaster central?

Inhuman #2:


I question the existence of this book. Not that it’s bad, mostly ho-hum, but it’s been plagued by delays. Issue #1 released 2 months ago. With Marvel determined to make a push with the Inhumans, you’d think they’d do a better job at it. Much of this was exposition, but necessary for new readers. Plus, Gorgon seemed a little out of character. I’m sure he listens to Slayer.

What did you read this week? Comment below!

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