Comic Reviews: 5/21/14 – Wonder Woman #31, Saga #19, Invincible #111, & More

Hey hey hey! Another solid week of books Hulklings! X-Men: Days of Future Past was amazing. Look for a review Monday. Four of the five reviews were solid reads. These weekly series from DC, while reminiscent of the great weekly books that came before, reek of New 52. It’s a shame. Sorry for the down note. This was a great week!

Wonder Woman #31:


It feels like forever since the last issue (double shipping has thrown my internal clock off). I’m still loving this book. The images of hell were amazing. This is the last bit of setup before the final battle. I’m dreading it as much as I’m anticipating it, I don’t want this to end.

Saga #19:


Thankfully by issue #19 I’ve grown accustomed to the whacked out page one images of this book, but wow this was the worst. There’s nothing I can say about the rest of the issue that hasn’t been said about the series by now, it was fantastic. The last page though made me exclaim “oh no!” aloud.

Invincible #111:


Holy crap that was violent. Things have been kicked up a notch with this new arc. The first bit of violence was expected, but the second part, yeesh. I’m excited to see where this goes and more so, how it plays out. Maybe not a good jumping on point though.

Thor – God of Thunder #22:


This continues to be a cross of a good story, and a great story. Present day Thor is fine, but Old King Thor is where it’s at. Lawyers keeping Thor at bay was funny for a minute, but it’s wearing thin. And that last page, man, that was good.

Batman Eternal #7:


Another week and more plates are spun. I feel like I’ve missed an issue or five reading this one. Nary a mention of previous events. And what kind of henchman is Fishnets? Seriously? I have no idea who Rhodes is, either. I’ll keep reading this because I’m masochistic but it’s losing me.

What did you read this week? What are you looking forward to next week? Comment below!

En Sabah Nur.


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