The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox 360 is a fantastic console that was instrumental in bringing gamers not only into the next generation of HD graphics, but online gaming. While there were many games I’ve missed, there’s plenty more I’ve played and loved. In a world where I have infinite time, I will most assuredly go back and rectify these mistakes. Until that paradoxical world is created, this will stand as my list of top Xbox 360 games. Enjoy!

5. Batman: Arkham City


I’ve waited my life time for this game. Until the first installment, Arkham Asylum, the only decent superhero game was Marvel Ultimate Alliance. While that was good, it still had some flaws, and never really gave me the feeling I was a hero. Asylum changed that while City perfected it. A sprawling open world with Metroid like exploration, a solid combat system, and the ability to fight or act stealthy. Never has a game nailed every gameplay aspect, let alone that of Batman.

4. The Orange Box


I hope few missed this. For $60 you received Half-Life 2, both expansions, Team Fortress 2, and some game called Portal. This was my first exposure to Half-Life. While Team Fortress never took off due to server issues (though it’s still popular on Steam), Portal was where it was at. Funny how this was a simple project included as a lark. I’m sure you can pick this up for around $10 now. Do it.

3. Fallout 3


This was the first game I played on an HDTV. Already a few hours in, I remember the first time I brought up the Pipboy after switching screens and being amazed at not only the level of detail, but how I could see my characters arm. Also, I was completely addicted, dumping 150 hours into the game and garnering every achievement, including the DLC.

2. Bioshock


Bioshock was the first true next generation game. Aside from solid gameplay mechanics, this told an amazing tale with a twist that no one saw coming. Though the finale left something to be desired, everything leading up to it was worth the time. I picked this up on sale for $40 the day it came out (don’t know why it was on sale, didn’t care). I spent the weekend before classes started plowing through it. Two days. I’ll never forget the adrenaline and fear I had the first time I faced off against a Big Daddy.

1. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Nearly 200 hours I put into this game. I maxed out every stat, reaching the mythical 81.5 level. I had nearly completed everything, almost finished the Dragonborn DLC, then they released an update that allowed you to achieve a Legendary status on every skill set. I couldn’t. I needed to walk away, or I would never return from the land of Skyrim. Not that that would be a bad thing. Also, you know, life and stuff.

That bees my list. How does it compare to yours? Any glaring omissions? Comment below!

Borderlands 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, so close. 


43 responses to “The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Xbox 360 Games

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  2. 5: Portal 2
    4: (Telltales)The Walking Dead
    3: Dishonored
    2: Halo 3
    1: Fallout 3

    Great list though. I’m yet to play Arkham City so mine might change, you never know!!

    • Mine might change as I get more into my backlog, but likely not. Arkham City is one of the best games of this last generation, I highly recommend.
      I can agree with your list. Halo though, I’ve played 1, 2, and 3, and could never get into them, but I understand why they’re so loved.

      • I played Asylum and it was decent enough so will defo give City a bash, hell I own it just haven’t got round to playing it!

        You did well to play 1-3 if you never really got into them 😛 Combat Evolved was the very first game I ever played on the original X-Box so it is a series I have grown up with!

    • City took the ground work laid by Asylum and cranked everything up to 11. Got on it before Arkham Knight releases! I know what it’s like to own more unplayed games than played.

      I had a friend who wanted to do co-op and roped me into playing the Halos. I tried to get into it, just wasn’t for me. Then again, few FPS’s catch me.

      • Well I have Fallout 3 to play through( for the 3rd time) and then GTAV to start but it is defo near the top of my pile!

        Yeah that’s fair enough if you are not keen on FPS, at least you gave it a shot. What swayed you about Bioshock? I loved the atmosphere and setting but as a FPS it was not great.

    • I play fast and loose with what I call FPS’. For me, games like Metroid Prime or Bioshock are not FPS’, Call of Duty or Halo is though. Unless there’s something incredibly unique about it (Borderlands, Left 4 Dead), I don’t play them. Basically, I avoid the bro shooters.

      • Nothing wrong with that, in fact Halo is the only FPS I play.

        I suppose it has come to the point that anything with a first person viewpoint is automatically a shooter but the ones you named plus Dishonored, Fallout and Portal can hardly be placed in the same category as COD!

        Borderlands was a lot of fun and the sequel is another game I’m yet to play 😦

      • Ha ha, smoothly done sir. I could provide a link to my top 5 N64 games or my top 5 on the Master System and Mega Drive but that would seem a bit cheeky on a blog not belonging to me!

        I would not bother with Infinite tbh, even if you have avoided all spoilers the game itself is not a patch on the previous 2 and not a single Big Daddy or Little Sister. Dishonored on the other hand… Wow just wow!!

    • I’d be interested to read your top games. I still want to play Infinite. As for Dishonored, I tried playing it on X360, but ran into a bug. I needed to go into a mansion, and every time I left, the game froze. So i jumped into Skyrim instead. I have it on PC now. I’ll get back around to it, someday.

      • Well come on over, you waiting for an official invite 😛

        There is nothing worse than a buggy game you have been looking forward to, New Vegas was a mess when it first came out, put me right off it!

        If you are waiting till you complete Skyrim you might be waiting a while, that is a beast of a game!!
        In a good way!

    • Oh no, I finished Skyrim. I maxed out every skill tree, reaching level 81.5. I was halfway through Dragonborn when they released the patch making skills legendary. I walked away, knowing if I did not, I never would.

      I’ve only had a handful of games ruined for me because of an impassable bug. Vandal Hearts II comes to mind.

      While I would have liked an official invitation, as I stand her, waiting by my mailbox. I guess it will never come, and I need to take matters into my own hands.

      • Ha ha, I sent you out an invite, it must have got lost in the post. Typical Royal Mail…

        The problem i find with Skyrim, Fallout etc is that eventually you become a god and it is not a challenge. The exploration side is still fun but when you can take on a dragon with your eyes closed it looses a bit of the fun!

        Never played Vandal Hearts but a quick shifty at Wikipedia makes it sound like Shining Force and that is a good thing!!

      • Did you ever get the egg thingy to join your team? I’m sure there was a blue and white egg near the start that was a secret/bonus character. Though reading it back it looks like I’ve lost the plot…

        I considered getting the 2nd and 3rd parts on an emulator a while back but as I don’t speak Japanese thought it might be a silly idea.

        Good shout on Panzer Dragon Saga as well, that game was class!!!!

    • Penn? Ya, I found him. I played around in that game for a while. I actually owned Scenario 2 and 3 for a time on disc, but eventually sold them when I came to grips with the fact that my understanding of Japanese wouldn’t progress past basic.

      I’m really curious to see how Saga holds up today. I doubt many of these games do, but I don’t care. I want my digital re-releases, particularly of all the fantastic RPG’s trapped on the system.

      • if you say Penn that is good enough for me, I’m just glad I didn’t make him up! How did he attack, being an egg and all.

        I have been hoping that they would be released on X-Box live or something but I think that is a vain hope! I never played one and two and was thinking of getting them on the virtual console but as time is always a factor I would probably never get round to playing them 😦

        They are more of a publisher these days are they not? I can’t remember the last Sega game I got and that is a crime that needs rectifying!

    • Penn attacked by screaming fire or something. I think eventually most games will be downloadable because money. Especially classics on the Saturn.

      Shining Force is a decent game, but limited. Shining Force II is one of my favorite games, ever. I still play it once a year. I easily sunk 100 hours into it, with not a moment regretted.

      Shining Force was published by Sega, but made by Camelot, whose now owned by Nintendo. They made the Golden Sun games (more traditional RPG) on GBA and DS. The GBA games were fun, I’ve heard meh tidings about the DS version. Now Camelot just makes Mario sports games (Golf, Tennis, etc.).

      Sega is mainly a publisher, but they still make games, mostly Sonic titles. Sonic Generations was good, but that’s the last Sega game I remember playing. Can’t recall the one before. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

      • Ah yes that old link between eggs and fire breathing, I thought they would all be available by now but I guess you can’t have everything!

        I’m pretty sure either one or both of those is playable via the virtual console on the Wii but time etc.

        Well you definitely win the title of “dude that knows most amount Sega!” One of my mates loves the G.S games, kinda peeved he never mentioned they were by the same company!

        Yeah right on man! I can remember when Sonic and Mario where going head to head in the glory days of 16 bit, nowadays if you mention Sega to people they would just look blankly at you. Sad times 😦

    • Emulation is difficult. That’s why we haven’t seen many releases from the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox era digitally. It takes a lot of work to make that happen. Where there’s a profit there’s a way.

      I’m assuming the egg – fire connection had something to do with sriracha, but I’m not entirely sure.

      I wouldn’t say I know the most about Sega, but I do know a lot. Speaking of which, I have two editorials about them I think you’d enjoy. The first is about how their advanced tech lead to their demise:

      While the other was about their bonkers marketing:

      You’re right, people mostly only know Sega for crappy Sonic games now. It’s sad really, the Genesis was one of my favorite consoles. I have just as many fond memories playing it as I do my SNES.

      I will admit to being a huge Shining Force fan. I’m a little upset that Camelot’s switched pedigrees, but at least the games exist.

      • You are right there, money talks. A lot of people will still have there old Gamecubes, PS2 etc so maybe the next gen will see a influx of emulation from that era.

        Ha maybe! I think it is just another cause of the Japanese being nuts. In a good way though!!

        Well you defo know the most out of us two! I read and commented on a very similar piece, even had the same name… Think someone on WordPress might be stealing your ideas :/

        Yeah Sega’a adverts where um interesting
        kinda why you love them though, maybe that’s just me!

        Genesis AND a SNES? Blasphemy in my house it was either Sega or Nintendo. So the only N64 Nintendo console i ever owned and that is solely because of Goldeneye!!

    • The 6th generation (PS2/Xbox/GC) seems to be the most underrepresented one right now. Plenty from before that is available, while last gen is still available or getting ported. Hopefully that will be corrected.

      Japanese-ism are always… different. I just try not to question it.

      That was my article. I repost them on Button Smashers. I went back and checked. You were talking about what Sega systems you though were best. Thanks for pointing it out though 🙂

      The problem with video game advertisements during the 90’s was A, it was the 90’s, and B, video games were a new market. No one really knew how to approach it.

      I was as surprised as anyone the Christmas I got a Genesis, having owned my SNES for a few years by that point. Since then, I’ve had every console. I’m a consumer whore.

      • I’m kinda peeved that the X-box one is not backwards compatible, when I get anew console I normally box up the old one but still want to play the games, it’s a tough life!

        Ha they probably think the same about us but you can forgive them anything as they created some of the best games ever!

        Well there you go! The name was pretty distinct, seemed unlikely that two separate people came up with it! No worries man, I would be raging if someone was taking credit for my content!!

        Ha whats wrong with 90’s advertis… no, no I see your point 🙂

        at least you can admit it 😉 I will get a x box one solely on the principal that I had a xbox and a 360, hell if Sega still made consoles I would still be buying them!!

    • I was hoping my downloadable games would be able to port, but alas, I suppose not. Now the architecture is more like a PC for this generation, I’m hoping that will be the case in the future.

      Japanese developers certainly have, along with giving us some of the best one liners. “All your bases are belong to us.” “A winner is you!” “I feel sleep.”

      I would be upset if someone stole my work. There was a site I found reposting my articles in Japanese. They linked back to me, so I didn’t care.

      I have an addiction. I own all the consoles. If there’s a game I want, I get it, even if I know I’ll never get around to playing it. At least I’m smart enough to buy them on sale. I have a problem.

      • Sorry about the delay, not been on here for a while, #worldcup!!

        Yeah it is kinda annoying when you pay for something but can’t actually use it. Your right there, every generation becomes more PC like, I’m just waiting for virtual reality!

        whats the last one from? I could google it but I’ll give you the privilege of showing your superior knowledge! Not a mistake but “Time foe a little payback” always makes me smile, how many people had wronged him? Falco was always saying that!!

        Ah those cheeky Japs, at least they linked back, you prob got a lot of hits from it.

        At least you can admit it, that is the first step to fixing it, though to be honest I don’t think you need to fix it. I’m just jealous!!

  3. Hahaha, I was wondering what happened to you.

    There’s an argument that could be made for both cases. Once you buy a book, you’d like to keep it, yes? What about your old VHS tapes? I couldn’t give them away in 2000. Why are games different? The content doesn’t change, only the medium.

    “I feel sleep” is from the original Metal Gear on NES. That’s one thing I miss about those days, the horrible localizations. Look up anything from Breath of Fire II. It was terrible.

    The link backs only happened for a week. Another odd footnote. I can’t tell you how many people I had coming here looking for superhero Pr0n (spelled wrong purposely).

    It’s auspicious you replied to me today, as the summer Steam sale began… Who do you work for?!?

  4. Yep when the world cup swings by I pretty much loose all other interests!

    As much as I dislike new systems not been backwards compatible I can live with it, just! The download fiasco though! Microsoft carried over the gamer tags? Yes? And the dashboard is pretty much the same deal but you can’t transport your dl games, seems like a case of greedy money making if you ask me!

    Ah there you go then, i never owned a NES and have never played any(yes any) of the Metal Gear games :/

    That is just… wrong! That is the only word that does it justice! But hey, different strokes for different folks!

    ha are you suggesting my reply was timed just to get you all misty eyed with nostalgia and spend a shed load of money on Steam? You can rest easy as that is not the case as I am currently unemployed.

    Steam sale this way…………………………………………………………………>>>

    • You people and your footballs, I will never understand.

      I was a little bumped not seeing at least the downloadable games not brought over to the new consoles. Microsoft’s implementation of Live on the consoles is comparing apples and oranges. Live is a machine, they had to do crazy amount of info structure upgrades to make that happen. That’s a server thing. The games were build on one type of hardware. It’s not as simple as click, files save as. I wish it was, but trust me, there’s more to it. I want games to be like PC, I by them, I will always have them. But that’s what separates PC from consoles I suppose.

      You never owned an NES? Son, get yourself a Wii U, hop on that Virtual Console, and play catch up. As for Metal Gear, the only must play is Solid, but I’d wait for some sort of rerelease of that. The PS1 version doesn’t hold up visually. If you can find a Gamecube and copy of Twin Snakes though, dive in.

      I wrote a review for the third season of Spartacus which dealt with some not so nice things that start with R. That alone got me crazy hits (and I don’t mean a lot).

      I’ve already picked up 8 games in the sale and it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. I see what you’re up to.

      • You don’t like football?? Are you by chance American? That is the only logical answer I can come up with for someone not liking the greatest sport on earth.

        You are definitely outshining me in the knowledge stakes! I’m more a-oh-wow-this-is-cool-I-don’t-understand-how-it-works-but-it-still-does-so-that’s-cool kinda guy!!

        Well obviously, I had the Sega consoles! Can’t have both! That would be like owning a cat AND a dog!! It is all about time I’m afraid. I’d love to catch up on all the classics I missed(both recent and yesteryear) but i suspect I never will. Did you ever play a game on the Saturn called Dark Savior? I always thought that looked pretty ace!

        At least it is hit, I guess!! My stats Don’t tell me what the search term was just that it was a search that lead them to my site. Or if it does I’ve not discovered it yet!

        Steam is PC, yes? Not really a PC gamer. Played the command a conquer games and similar styles on my tiny monitor but for me gaming is all about a comfy sofa, a big ass TV and a controller!

    • Yes, I am American. To be fair though, I don’t care about any sport. I’ve dedicated 9 years of my life to Mixed Martial Arts and I couldn’t be bothered to watch UFC, if that tells you the type of person I am.

      Haha, thank you. I’m an engineer so I often think about these kind of things. Though I still have the hopes like any other fan, I have the rational to understand the whys and why nots.

      Like I said earlier, I had both. Don’t know why, just fortunate. I know what you mean about time, it’s a very limited commodity. Still, there are some classics everyone needs to play. Super Mario World, Link to the Past, Mario 64, etc. I never had the chance to play Dark Savior, but rest assured, it’s on my ever growing backlog.

      I don’t get to see every search term people use, only a handful. Often times the metrics report “unknown search term.” For example, today already I had “spartacus boy ceasar.”

      Yes, Steam is primarily a PC implementation, but they’ve been adding enough features, like big screen mode, controller support for the UI, an OS for machines, etc., to bridge the gap to make it more console like. There are two types of gamers, lean back, and lean forwards. You are the lean back type. I’m more of a lean forward, so much so that I have my consoles hooked up to another monitor at my desk. I’ve mostly evolved to this because my big TV and couch have been sacrificed to my family.

      • It tells me you are a man not to be trifled with!! Do you still participate? I did karate once upon a time but it was insanely boring!

        If things work I tend not to question them. I press the on button on my X-Box and then I can play Fallout. That’s all I need to know, I like to pretend I know what I’m talking about but you have seen through the facade 😉

        Nah I had a N64 so Mario 64 was played an absolute stone wall classic. Likewise I had a GBA so got Link to the Past and I understand what all the fuss was about! Have you seen the trailer for the two new Zelda games? Thinking of buying a Wii U just to ply them!

        Ha I just checked mine and I have one search for “” I’m ironically pretty happy about that!!

        I didn’t even know there was a term for them, you are showing me up again! I’ve use my PC for game snow and again. Football Manager, Command and Conquer, Age of Empires don’t seem right with anything but a mouse and keyboard! Ah family a curse and a blessing at the same time 😉

    • Oh yes, I actively fight. I just returned from Long Beach, California for a large tournament. I put up a post about myself on the one year anniversary of the site:

      I still have plenty of push-button-do-thingy moments, particularly when it comes to PC gaming. MS just released the patch to allow Xbox One controllers to be used in Windows. I’ll be damned if I know how to install it.

      I’m glad to hear you at least had an N64, one of the greatest consoles in my opinion. The GBA was a lot of fun. Link to the Past eh? Good man. I’ve had a Wii U since launch, don’t regret a moment of it. It’s a fantastic system. As for Zelda, hells yes. I have about 16 Zelda shirts. I’m down yo.

      Yeah, search terms are weird. You’d be surprised how many people look up Joanne Whaley (Willow) on a daily basis.

      I know what you mean, some games vitally depend on a mouse and keyboard. Even on Steam, I primarily use a controller (either SNES looking one or X360).

      My wife was telling me how I could use the living room TV to play games. I laughed. A lot.

      • Ha another very smooth addition of the link but I’ll give it a miss this time. I’m sure it’s awfully entertaining but not really my thing. Back to the games and whatnot 😛

        Yeah that’s the things with updates, they are meant to make your life easier but it takes about half the day trying to figure out all the new features. When will companies understand that change is evil and should be feared!

        I got the N64 solely based on Goldeneye but then I discovered it had all manner of amazing games, on of the best systems ever if you ask me! LTTP was just amazing, I can’t think of any other word for it. A lot of games only really work on nostalgia factor but this was the first time I played it and wow just wow! Have you ever been leaving your house and the wife said “it’s dangerous to go alone, here take this” and handed you a Zelda shirt? Cause she should…

        Willow is ace, well not really but it is a lot of fun. I read the books by Lucas and Claremont but never got the last one, can’t remember why :/

        even if the don’t, games like Sam and Max, Monkey Island etc it just seems wrong playing them on anything but a PC!

        Ha I suspect that she was laying one of those devious traps that women do all the time!!

    • Fair enough, to each their own.

      Change bad! What’s funny, with the consoles of the Playstation 2 era, and prior, I was a wizard. I knew all the tricks and features in the box. Now, with the X360/PS3, and even the PS4/XBOne, I couldn’t barely turn the thing on. Seriously, had to turn the PS4 on with the controller when I got it, couldn’t find the switch. Turned it on accidentally a bunch of times before I figured it out.

      The N64, and Gamecube for that matter, were fantastic systems, only lacking titles beyond what Nintendo offered. There were 3rd party offerings, but few and far between. I’ll have a Top 5 N64 list in a few weeks.

      LTTP is gaming perfection. Only two titles surpass it for me. I love the Zelda series and cannot wait for the new Wii U game. I know what you mean about the rose colored tint nostalgia brings. Luckily, many, many, SNES games hold up perfectly today.

      I’ve tried to explain that joke to her many times, as I’ve said it plenty. The second I try, her eyes glaze over. That would be amazing if she did. I’d have her babies.

      Willow is fun and holds up well. I watched it before posting about it. You likely didn’t get the last book because of the gap between the 2nd and 3rd (4 years). Probably forgot.

      There are plenty of games that need to be played with a mouse and keyboard. Rest assured, I’ve been around the block enough times to know the difference. X-COM – mouse, Batman – controller.

      Dude, she tries to trap me all the time.

      • Ha Ha, don’t go in a huff now 😉 I’m sure it is incredibly well written and super informative but it just aint my bag. I participate in distance running but if someone actually tried to talk to me about it I would start making funny noises!

        Ha I remember when they moved the pause button off the consoles and onto the controllers, I thought that was the most amazing thing ever! Do you have the x-box one? Do you guys have an advert with Aaron Paul saying “X-Box on”? Some people are claiming that because of the voice activation that it turns their systems on but I dunno, sounds like an urban rumor!

        The Cube was pretty cool, my mate had one, so I played it a lot. Lack of 3rd party games seems to be Nintendo’s downfall of recent years but then their own games pretty much wipe the floor with anything else. I might just pop back from that one, intrigued which ones don’t make the list!

        For me Ocarina is the best but then that is probably because it is the first Zelda game I ever played. I’ve not even played Skyward Sword yet, I need to sort my life out!!

        Don’t say things like that, she might be reading and then BOOM you’ve got babies!

        It is a lot of fun, not amazing or anything but I’m always happy to watch it. Check you out, your just a fountain of knowledge 🙂 I think you are bang on the money, in fact I seem to recall having to reread the fist two so i knew what was happening only to find out the third one was still not out. Though to be fair George n Chris are kinda busy!!

        X-Com? I’m showing my ignorance again…

        Sneaky, sneaky woman, I find it best to pretend stupidity so they don’t try so hard and I can keep one step ahead!

    • Haha, I wasn’t, I promise! The article was about me and why I write, not about martial arts. That’s not the point of the site!

      Yes, I do have an Xbox One. I know the ad you’re referring to. I’ve heard of people having that problem here too. Supposedly, the people on an Xbox podcast I listen to said people have written in, claiming things they said did the same. So now they yell out random commands during the show. I never hooked the Kinect up, not even to take a picture. Now that Microsoft removed it, I put it in the closet.

      The Gamecube was amazing for the same reason the N64 was and the same reason the Wii U will be. Taking the latter, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and Super Mario 3D World are amazing games. Yes, I only have three game to look forward to on the console this year (Mario Kart, Hyrule Warrior, Smash Bros.), they’re still fantastic experiences and well worth the entry fee.

      Choosing between Ocarina and LTTP is tough. I give the edge to that latter for no better reason other than nostalgia. Though I think I put more time into Ocarina. I completed the game with only three hearts once, not collecting a single heart container. Skyward Sword is fun. I spent a week playing it over holiday break when it released.

      You make a valid point. i thought I had a mild case of pregnancy once. Turns out I was just really hungry.

      I don’t know why I remember crap like that. Honestly, that’s half the reason I made this site. Many of the things I write about, i haven’t seen/played in years, yet I’m still able to recall them from memory. I am equally proud and ashamed of that, simultaneously.

      X-Com is considered one of the best turn based, and all around PC game from the 90’s. Very difficult though. The series was recently rebooted with XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3/X360/PC) and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The former is a fantastic return to form while the latter was originally meant to be a FPS, because why not, before completely being overhauled. I’m surprised it was released at all.

      I just take note of whatever strategies she uses against me, and reflect them when the time is right. Then I’m called out for cheating.

      • I had a wee nosey at the link and I’m with you on just starting off without really knowing what your doing!! I still have no real idea what I’m up to half the time but like you the views/hits don’t lie so we must be doing something right, maybe!

        Yeah I never had Kinect either, I had wee shot of it at a mates and the space required is completely ridiculous. I would have to empty my entire sitting room every time I wanted to use it!!

        The two Zelda games do look pretty tasty, Mario Kart I’ve kinda gone off since the 64. Don’t dislike it but it for me that was the peak, a new Starfox game is coming out as well so the Wii U is looking more and more like and essential purchase!

        That is pretty hardcore! The chickens alone can cause some hefty damage, so to complete the whole game with just three… I tip my hat to you sir!

        Ha ha that reminds me of the Wayne’s World joke ” I once thought I had mono for an entire year, turns out I was just really board” 🙂

        Don’t be ashamed! I can recall trivial crap but ask me when my best friends birthday is and I draw a blank, It just means your mind is pondering the greater mysteries of the universe, or something.

        Nope still never heard of it, though if it is an early 90s PC game that explains it, I only really started using a PC about five years ago. Well that’s my excuse anyway!!

        Ha ha you can’t win, no matter what you do. Sometimes, when they are feeling really sneaky they will ask you important questions when your playing a game, just to catch you off your guard!!

    • Thank you for having a peek 🙂 I’m rarely know what I’m doing. I think most of the views are luck more than anything.

      I did have an original Kinect for Dance Central. That was fun. I had to move some furniture to play, making it more of an event game. It is the only reason for the Kinect to exist in my opinion. Now that they stopped packaging it, it’s dead.

      I know what you mean about Mario Kart 64. While they certainly have gotten pretty, I haven’t had the same connection with them since the N64 entry. Something’s been missing. They’re fun, but lacking. The same goes for Starfox. None have captured the essence of Starfox 64 (which, let’s face facts, is a remake of the SNES game). I hope the new one finally does.

      I was playing my umpteenth playthrough of the game and a friend suggested it. Don’t get me wrong, I had to be careful, keeping fairies on hand constantly, but it wasn’t too difficult.

      Our superpower to remember nerd nonsense will one day be put to great purpose when we save the world! At least, that’s what I hope.

      If you’re a fan of strategy games, check out the new XCom on one of the consoles. It’s fun, but unforgiving. Like Fire Emblem, once a character dies, he’s dead.

      Mine does that too. She chooses the oddest moments to have important conversations that need to happen right then and there.

      • Ach don’t say that, If you are not writing about things people are interested in then no one would be viewing your page and if your writing was no good then you would not have any followers, well that’s what I tell myself anyway!!

        Yeah Kinect was more of a party kinda vibe about it, a limited appeal if you actually want good solid games! The voice activated thing is kinda cool though, I’m sure Mass Effect had a voice commands for your team mates. Granted not game changing but games like COD/Battlefield could really make use of that now but prob always be more a gimmick then anything else.

        M.Kart just seemed to keep adding things for the sake of adding things. All the scenery that attacks you, the over the top weapons. It all got a bit to busy! Ah well this brings me back to my lack of a SNES 😦 the N64 version was amazing but the lack of a level select still haunts me! Fair enough it wasn’t a difficult game and could be completed in one sitting but, and call me crazy, sometimes I didn’t want to play the whole game just to reach a specific point!!

        Oooo check you out “wasn’t too difficult” :p I suppose once you get the four bottles you’re pretty invincible, still good effort! I played it nearly to death, got everything apart form two of the gold spiders then went in a huff and only played it again on the special Gamecube edition.

        Save the world? Are you mad? one day the world “will look up and shout Save us!… and I’ll look down and whisper No.”

        Well it’s now on my list, after GTA V and Dark Souls 2. That actually sounds like a good feature, games these days are just too easy. Though probably that is because I grew up without the ability to save them!!

        Ha ha. They do it on purpose, they really do! Bloody woman 😉

    • I think that’s half true. You could have the best message in the world, but if your unable to proliferate it, then it doesn’t matter. Hence the lucky part.

      It was definitely a party app, and completely obnoxious to use. I’m a little security minded/paranoid so I shied away from the new Kinect. I know Skyrim and ME3 added voice commands. Someone made a good point about features like that, changing my mind. Think about them as accessibility options for the disabled. What if someone missing a hand, few fingers, etc. plays ME3? Having voice commands would greatly increase their functionality and enjoyment. Small note, but a worthy one in that respect.

      I’ve noticed playing some of the older levels on Mario Kart 8 that they don’t have the same flourish. The N64 Rainbow Road is included, but it’s a shell of its former self. The course is split into thirds. What was once one lap on the N64 is now the entire race in 8. Also, seeing some of the SNES levels brought to life in 3D is creepy. Yeah, no level select sucked, but the battle mode hasn’t been done better.

      Granted, I pulled of this feat somewhere around my 15th playthrough, so it’s fair to say I knew the game rather well by that point. Ocarina was amazing. I had the Gamecube Master Quest disc, playing through that version then, and again on the 3DS re-release. I wish I had a counter for the number of hours I spent with Ocarina alone, it would be staggering.

      Sir, I do not know what sort of drug addled fantasy world you live in, but it seems rather appealing and I’d like to visit.

      I think many older games were artificially harder. Don’t underestimate the ability to save your game, or even a simple checkpoint. I for one am glad they’re easier. I don’t have time to sit there learning patterns for Mega Man bosses anymore. I like having the harder option, something I occasionally explore, but being a little scaled back, and even shorter, isn’t a bad thing. Just hard enough to feel accomplished.

      I’m still debating which system I should pick up GTA V, one of the new consoles or PC. I see pros and cons to both, all steaming from personal opinions. I really want to play one of the Souls games. I should, I own them all. What did you think of Bloodborne?

      Women, can’t live with them. The end.

      • Yeah that’s true, though it just sound like more hard work. Why can’t just having kick-ass content be enough??

        That is an amazing point, I have never thought of it like that. Kinda of you don’t think about it till it effects you kinda deal. You could extend in to some of the Wii games as well, I guess. The only problem I have with the voice commands is that I would feel very silly using them!

        I didn’t really like Rainbow Road tbh. It just went on for eeeeeever. I know that was the point and all but my short attention span wasn’t up to the task! Bowser’s Castle was my personal fav but then I’m probably not alone in that statement!

        15 playthroughs?!? Where do you get the time?? I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated that amount of time to a game. How long was it taking you to complete it by the last few playthroughs?

        He he. That was Rorschach, not me. I don’t want to kill all humans, not yet anyway! Ha it is quite fun, helps with the writing as well 😉

        They where probably harder because we where young as well, a new thing to learn and all that! You raise another good point! The new Tomb Raider was really easy but I don’t remember enjoying a game as much for quite some time.

        Prob go for your PC, I mean if it is a game you really want to put the hours into it would be better to do it undisturbed but that is just my two pennys worth! Never played Bloodborne, I’ve just seen some gameplay of DS2 and read a few reviews and it looks and sounds like a lot of fun. A game i can really sink my teeth into.

        Ha I’m sure there used to be more to that saying :/

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