The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Ninja Turtle Figures

I had so much fun recounting the various Batman figures I owned I decided to do it again with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As a boy, I never loved anything more. Hell, I ran around the neighborhood with my fingers taped together to give me three digits. Being a rabid fan, I needed all the toys. Like everything else in that era, they went beyond over the top. I narrowed down my list to sets of turtles only, the original 1987 series (otherwise, holy crap there’s a lot), and figures I owned. Yes, I owned every on of these. Enjoy!

Note: Thanks to Virtual Ninja Turtle Museum where I did all my research and for providing images. If it’s a turtle molded in plastic, it’s there. 

5. Mutant Military

turtlefiguresmilitaryThis one is just… odd. While I have no doubt the turtles could pass bootcamp, I think their appearance would raise a few questions. I could see Raph being a Marine and Donnie in the Air Force. And why does everyone but Mike have kneepadanas? What are those called anyways?

4. Sports Turtles

turtlefiguressportIsn’t being a ninja sport enough? At least there’s a turtle for whatever extracurricular you enjoy. Why are Leo and Raph the only ones who went out for two sports? Couldn’t Donnie have done track and Mikey swimming? Or is that cheating? And isn’t soccer and baseball both in the spring? How could Raph juggle that?

3. Rock’N Rollin’ Turtles

turtlefiguresrockMusic was all over the place in the 80’s and 90’s, as was all the outward expression. At least they had the major genres of the time covered. Mostly this is just a staunch reminder of a time best forgotten.

2. Wacky Wild West Turtles


I’m not sure if this if vaguely racist. It was the west and people were full of no cares so, maybe? The kneepadana problem has returned with half of them this time. Why can’t we just have some consistency!

1. Disguised Turtles

turtlefiguresdisguisedWhat in the hell does half of this have to do with the Turtles? And how are any of these disguises. I know they typically wore trench coats, but samurai armor? A space suit? Whatever Mikey’s wearing? Sigh.

Now and forever these choices will be etched in stone as my favorite Turtle action figures. No take backs. There is one more. While I didn’t own this, it was too good not to highlight.


Any of these ring a bell? Can you remember a zanier one? Comment below!

Next up, vehicles


4 responses to “The Credible Hulk’s Top 5 Ninja Turtle Figures

  1. Great article. Brought back many memories of TMNT toys. I had the military Raph, football Leo, Samurai Leo, and trench coat Don. Remember the figures that had giant circular shells that you pulled a plastic strip through and it made them talk? Yea, had the Mike version of that.

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