Adult Swim: Metalocalypse – The Doomstar Requiem

The Doomstar Requiem is easily the work of creator’s Brendon Small’s career. The one hour special is set to music and song with not a single word is spoken. Aside from telling an awesome story, all of the music was amazing. Fifty piece orchestras tend to have that effect.


Picking up after the events of season 4, Toki is still missing and the band is partying, pretending they don’t care. Eventually, after several tries, they’re spurned into action. Though they eventually win the day, much has changed, and their future looks bleak.

It was a little annoying seeing Dethklok not actively looking for Toki. But then again, these guys never learn, so it’s to be expected. The montage for “Partying Around the World” brought the down the tone set by the first few opening numbers. Learning how Toki joined the band finally answered a lot of questions after seven years. I liked seeing that Toki is actually a really good guitarist (where did that come from) when he battled Skwisgaar in “The Duel.” Where did that come from?


When Dethklok finally sprung into action, their quest was not only entertaining, but funny. Seeing them confront the horrors of their past at the place they first performed was an inspired idea. I noticed Jack Black here in “The Depths of Humanity.” I’ve always loved Black’s singing. If they had him, why didn’t they use him more? Especially since Small sang 90% of the songs himself. Co-Creator Tommy Blacha (Murderface, Toki, Dr. Rockso) didn’t return for this. I’m hoping it’s because he didn’t want to sing. For me, the best number came after this with “Givin’ Back to You.” But then again, I’m a sucker for Michael Jackson (yes, that’s me in front).


Things took a turn during the third act when the band was nearly overwhelmed. But they prevailed, and empowered by the Doomstar, smited their enemies. No idea what that was about but it looked cool.

Aside from being an amazing set piece, Doomstar also advanced the plot in a number of ways. Their manager Charles Offdensen quit, becoming the head of the Church of the Black Klok, Nathan and Abigail are now together, and Murderface was poisoned/taken over. Was this the insider the all-to-briefly shown council mentioned?


Many thought this would end the series, which I would have been fine with considering the high note they would have gone out on. I doubt Small would do something as grand as this again, but I’m fine with that. I am more than satisfied with this. I just want some damn answers! Looking at the cliffhanger though, there’ll likely be another season. Though I’m sure it won’t happen before Avengers 2.

What was your favorite song? What do you think happened to Murderface? Comment below!

April 26th, 1992, there was a riot on the streets tell me where were you…


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