Supernatural Season 4 Review – And Back

Now this is how you start a season! Supernatural has always been intended as a five season show. While it took some time for it to find its footing in the first season, things began to gel quickly after. With season four, everything came together to tell a griping tale from beginning to end. Not a single hour was wasted or weak, culminating in the best season, period.


While their were many great moments throughout the season, easily the best part was the premier. Picking up four months after season3 where Dean was drug into Hell, he finds himself alive, buried in a coffin in a field with dead grass encircling him. Eventually he makes his way back to Sam and Bobby who are just as confused as to why he’s alive as he is. They discover the name of the being who pulled him out of Hell, leaving a hand print on his shoulder, is Castiel. Wanting answers Dean summons the creature and learns he is an angel who pulled him out because God has work for him. This revelation (zing) completely floored me. While there have been plenty monsters and demons from all manner of lore incorporated on the show for years, adding angels never occurred to me. Though it caught me off guard this opened my mind to a plethora of story possibilities.

The major story arc continued throughout the season, making incredible head way. Sam and Dean continued to go down different paths, with Sam using his powers, acquired from drinking demon’s blood, to fight fire with fire. Even with the seriousness of the main story, they still took the time to tell some of the funniest stories yet.


First there was “Monster Movie” where a shapeshifter was obsessed with old black and white monster movies and attacking people in that fashion. Seeing Dracula ride off on a MoPed was pretty amusing. Then there was “Wishful Thinking,” where a magical coin turned a fountain into an actual wishing well. The suicidal teddy bear was hands down the funniest thing I’ve ever scene on the show. Finally, there’s “Criss Angel is a Douchebag.” While the title is spot on, the episode was decent. Then again, compared to a suicidal teddy bear, how can you expect to outdo yourself? As for straight up humorous episodes, that was it. Then again, with such an entrenched plot occurring, I didn’t mind them sticking with the action. I almost forgot to mention, the end of “Yellow Fever” inexplicably had Jensen Ackles lip synching “Eye of the Tiger.” It was amazing.


The portrayal of the angels throughout the season was on of my favorite aspects. Many have an image of a noble, pious creature. These angels were assholes. While they claimed to server God, who may or may not be missing, they did so in their own way, assuming themselves to be superior to humans. While Supernatural has been spot on with the casting to this point, Misha Collins was their best find yet. His portrayal of Castiel was sharp, humorous, and sorrowful. While he stood with his brethren, it was plan that he was conflicted in doing so, especially as he spent more time with Dean. Also, like Ackles, Collins had his own Clint Eastwood type voice that made him more alluring.


While I enjoyed the finale from season 3 more, this one was on par with season 2. A major upheaval, changing the game for next season. Only, this one culminated with the point they were leading to since season 1. As a story teller, I couldn’t imagine the sense of accomplishment with finally reaching this point. After years of building and laying groundwork, the gratifications is likely over whelming.


Season 4 is easily my favorite of the series and why I hold the show in such high regard. The addition of angels while delivering the best opening I’ve ever seen and revealing the end game launched this show into the upper echelon of story telling.

Did the opening grab you as much as it did me? How much did the Teddy Bear make you laugh? Comment below!

I named my dog Dean Winchester. 


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