Adult Swim: Metalocalypse Season 4

That’s more like it. After the meandering from season 3, Metalocalypse returned nearly two years later with not only another season, but another album, Dethalbum III. While there was the typical bits of nonsense/hilarity, this season features the most cohesion so far. Aside from moving the over-arching plot forward, this told a continuous story. Not only were many questions answered, but a woman was added to the cast as well! Huzzah!


Unlike season 2, where we saw the band drag their feet creating another album, this season starts with their latest already finished. As the world economy depends on Dethklok, this was forecasted to generate profit the world over. After Nathan dated a fan, and the band was accused of being racists, the album was finally set to release. A freak storm destroyed all the ships carrying CD’s with the only copy left being the master in Mordhaus. A drunken Nathan destroys it seeing it as a sign. This ended up being a catalyst for the later half of the season.


The next few episodes had their misadventures, but still mentioned how the band needed to produce another album to fix the economy. Seeing Pickles become a real estate agent in “Motherklok” was fun, as was Toki’s tell all book in “Bookklok.” Halfway through the season, things began to ramp up though while still keeping everything entertaining. Abigail Remeltindrinc (Janeane Garafalo – and where the hell do they come up with these names?) came on as their producer. Toki went to rock band camp where we finally learned who the mysterious other Dethklok member was from the beginning of season 3 – Magnus Hammersmith. Then, as their new album was being recorded, a chain of events was set off that was riveting until the finale.


Nathan hooked up with Abigail, upsetting Pickles and forcing him to quit the band. Since Nathan can’t apologize, Pickles was set to leave after one final performance. During the concert, Mr. Salacia, the head of the council that’s been watching Dethklok since the first season attacks, killing their record manager. Offdensen evacuates the band, telling them where he was after he died. He informs them of the Church of the Black Klok, and how they’re prophets. In quick order they go to the funeral where Nathan finally apologizes, saying how he’d rather have his band. The Revengencers attack and Magnus stabs and kidnaps Toki and Abigail. The season ends with Offdensen explaining that the band must finish their last song, but to do that they need Toki.


Holy crap did things get kicked into high gear. While it was always fun seeing the band’s antics, they wore thin after a while when things like this were constantly teased. The production time between seasons, and incredibly long mid-season breaks didn’t help either. Though not every question was answered, enough were to not only make things interesting, but add a new layer of questions as well. This was the best season yet, balancing plot with one-offs and humor. I was enthralled the entire time, wanting to see what happened next. I couldn’t wait for the next season rock opera special.

Happy to have some answers? Like how the plot came forward? Comment below!

Anyone notice Jon Hamm? 


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