Comic Reviews: 3/26/14 – Silver Surfer #1, Walking Dead #124, The Wake #7 & More

Another week where my books came early! It’s shipping miracle! No DC books this week, but what else is new.

Silver Surfer #1:


This was a fun first issue. I was wondering how the two disparaging threads were going to coalesce, it was an interesting turn. It was a setup I wasn’t expecting, particularly from the characterization of Dawn. Mike Allard’s art was as sharp as ever, and hopefully this lasts for a time. Nothing revolutionary but still a lot of fun. Buy this!

The Wake #7:


Mixed feelings about this issue. Nothing radical happened, but after the bomb from last issue, I was hoping some ground made with it. It was mostly pushed aside for an action set piece, with some subtler nods as to the current state of the world. Not a bad chapter, hoping for more. Sean Murphy’s pencils were as solid as ever, though the escape sequence at the end had me slightly confused, as if a panel or two was missing. Not a good flow, but great quality otherwise.

The Walking Dead #124:


Felt like a missed a beat between this issue and last. The sudden switch from day in #123 to night in this was confusing, made me think I missed something, particularly the way the issue opened. Only two more issues to go in the All Out War arc. I’m excited to see this come to an end. I’m sure some big changes are in store. Also, Charlie Adlard is a machine.

Deadly Class #3:


Well that was certainly something. Marcus was fleshed out more while little actually occurred. Not much of a game changer, more of a set up issue. Only being issue three, I don’t fault the book, have to build to something. Hopefully the premise pays off into something a little more, soon.

All-New X-Factor #5:


Like the other books this week, this was just okay. I haven’t really been enjoying X-Factor since it relaunched, which is sad considering how much I was anticipating it. I’ve been trying, but considering the stack of books I go through every week, I find myself shuffling this to the bottom. Telltale sign that it may be time to make a cut. One more issue and I’ll decide. Regardless, this is starting to get into strange corners of the X-Men-verse with Danger, Magus, and Warlock. More characters I don’t care about.

Was this a ho-hum week for you? What did you read? Comment below!

And now, I eat. 


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