Adult Swim: Metalocalypse Season 3 – Double the Time, Half the Fun

Wow did a lot change for the boys of Dethklok this season. After being left in dire straights at the end of season 2, they were forced to fend for themselves. Along with this, a lot changed with the production of the show as well. Creator changes, production schedules, run time, and more all differed. Why fix what isn’t broken? Was this change for the better?


The biggest difference was the run time. While one and two were both 11 minutes long, that was doubled here, which also cut the order number in half. The 20 episodes count was now down to 10. I’m sure that didn’t complicate reruns. Along with that co-creator/writer Tommy Blacha left production. This wasn’t a negative split, thankfully. Blacha chose to leave to work on other projects, though he still returned to voice his characters, Toki, Murderface, Rockso, etc. The first half of the season aired at the end of 2009, with the second half not showing until fall 2010, over a nine month gap. Another thing missing this season was an album. There was no CD release along with the show. How did all this affect the show?


The first episode picked up 9 months after the end of season 2, with their manager Charles Offdensen dead. Completely incapable of taking care of themselves, the band was hemorrhaging money and forced into renegotiating their record contract. The group, not knowing how to read a contract, was nearly pushed into a bad deal before Offdensen returned, telling them there was more going on then they realized (not mentioned again until the end of season 4). Plus, there was a flashback to when the group first formed and the fifth member wasn’t Toki, but some other guy. This irked me for two reasons. One, the entire group was able to deftly negotiate contracts as seen in season one’s “Bluesklok,” where they were able to get musical talent in exchange for hot topic gift cards. Considering how often the band’s temperament changes, I just went with it. Second, I want to know what the hell Offdensen was talking about!


The rest of the season was pretty unremarkable. Not bad, but not good either. Nothing really advanced the plot or showed anything unexpected. Murderface put on a holiday special, Skwisgaar searched for his father, and Toki looked for a life mate. The last three episodes though, things picked up. “Rehabklok” had Pickles going into rehab for alcoholism. This episode featured the most music out of any yet. His entire experience was set to music, great music at that. Pickles wavered between singing with his Wisconsin accent, and his awesome singing voice. I really dig the latter, I don’t know why. “Dethzazz” saw Zazz Blammymatazz (Dr. Rockso’s band), reunite. This was the funniest episode out of the ten. I cracked up hearing Nathan say “there isn’t anything I won’t do to hang out with Mickey Mouse.”


The season finale, “Doublebookedklok,” was equally entertaining. The boys were acting like children, feeling neglected by father figure Offdensen. After spending time with the Syrian president, they agreed to do a show without Offdensen’s knowledge. This double booked them with Israel, nearly inciting WWIII. Behind “Dethzazz” this was a close second as best episode.


This was the weakest season of the show. The gags and settings work better in shorter bursts. Episodes like “Tributeklok” and “Dethsiduals” drug on too long with the double run time, stretching the plot of the episode, making it unenjoyable. Aside from the premier, nothing significant happens either. Personally, I’m a sucker for the bigger background stories, which I know isn’t the point of this show. Still, to be completely deprived of it lessened the experience for me. There was still a bit of good to be had, but this was easily the worst season. Don’t worry, it bounces back.

Think the double run time was too much? Premier annoy you? Comment below!

Marathoned all but season 1. 


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