Comic Reviews: 3/19/14 – Daredevil #1, American Vampire #1, Animal Man #29 & More

As if to make up for the delay last week, my books came early! I was able to knock out reviews a day earlier, yay! A lot more indie books this week, with the quality being all over the place. Plus, the end of one of DC’s best ongoings, only… well, you’ll see. Read on!

Daredevil #1:


I loved the setting. Daredevil being a fish out of water was great, especially when it affected his superheroics. I like how he’s embracing his identity publicly, using his powers for good as well. Hopefully they won’t magic this away. The art was a solid as ever. The coloring in the first few pages were very well done. Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are a better team than Bendis and Maleev. And the last page, whoa! What happened?

American Vampire: Second Cycle #1:


It’s finally back! The last issue, aside from the annual, was over a year ago. This in a way picks up where that left off, but in another time as Snyder is wont to do. Not much happened beyond set up, but being back in this work more than made up for it. Rafael Albuquerque’s pencils were as sharp as ever. The new threat, the Gray Man, is starting to make is presence known. I can’t wait!

The Fuse #2:


The sci-fi elements this issue seemed to be toned down from last time. That’s both a good and bad thing. This is a solid detective book that could easily take place in the present with a few word swaps. Being introduced to this new world last issue was fun, but that seems to have taken a backseat to the plot. Luckily, it’s a solid story. Not a knock, but not what I was expecting. I’m still in for now.

Undertow #2:


I missed the first issue and caught up for this, though it had mixed praise. I can see why. There’s a solid story here, just some elements hold it back. The art makes it difficult to follow. I thought the main character lost his hand and died in the beginning, but those were three separate people. I couldn’t tell where the narrator from the first issue was (read it just before this). The names have too many u’s, making some of them run together. I like the idea but the execution is hindering. I’ll give this one more issue to catch me.

Animal Man #29:


So many questions, and not the good kind. I’ve really enjoyed Lemire’s take on Animal Man since the book launched, but this was a weak ending. Why was the story essentially recapped? It was great seeing Lemire’s pages tell this story, but it seemed pointless. This didn’t feel like an epilogue. I’m not sure who inked Travel Foreman’s pages, either himself or colorist Lovern Kindzieriski, but it was terrible. Thick lines only on their heads made them look pasted on. And what about him becoming the space thing? Overall I wasn’t left wanting, just disappointed.

Sadly, not everything I read this week was great. How about you? What did you read this week? Comment below!

Off to see the Muppets. 


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