Adult Swim: Metalocalypse Season 2 – Bloodlines

Less than a year after the first season ended, Metalocalypse returned with new episodes to Adult Swim. Dethklok gets into fashion, highers body doubles, and start a P.R. company all while being completely oblivious to the death and carnage they cause. Just a typical day for the band. 


While the first season was bit all over the place with tone and theme, everything came together here to tell a more cohesive story. Not only had the story telling improved, but this featured some of the best music yet. The over arcing season plot was the completion the next album, and how they put it off due to depression and laziness. Even with all this, there was plenty of fun to be had. 


The season originally aired six episodes in 2007, then took a hiatus until April 2008, finishing the season. I’d rather they’d waited, airing the entire season at once, but alas. Still, all this time later, plenty of jokes and moments have stuck with me. “Dethvengeance” was hysterical as the band began recording on water itself, destroying countless natural resources in the process to power the machine.


Easily my favorite episode of the season was “Dethcarraldo.” Nathan starts looking into his family history, discovering his grandmother had lived among Amazonian natives. In a tribute to the old movie, Fitzcarraldo, the group take a trip to the Amazon, with their ship being pulled over a mountain. The episode also featured the song from the new album, Bloodlines. Easily the best track on DethAlbum II.


There were plenty of gags I enjoyed this season; the group starting a diet and gaining weight, the P.R. signs in the ocean and space, and of course, the band finally completing their new album. Still, there were a few episodes that slowed things down. Nathan dating in “Klokblocked” was dull, “Dethdad,” where Toki’s dad died, was just boring. “Snakes n’ Barrels II” was somewhere in between. The only episode to be double length in the season had Pickles old band regroup, only now sober. While there were plenty of jokes I enjoyed, the episode overall seemed to drag.

The second season of Metalocalypse was the best yet, ramping up the body count, pushing forward the main story line, and bringing the laughs.

What was your favorite episode of the season? Comment below!

Murmaider II… yes. 


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