Comic Reviews: 3/5/14 – Moon Knight #1, Action Comics #29, Trillium #7

Thanks to the wonderful efficiency of the Post Office, my books didn’t arrive until today (3/10). Normally I’d review five books, but since it’ll take me the rest of the week to read my stack, time being a fickle thing, I went with three. Figured it was better than none. Now, books!

Moon Knight #1:


Being a Batman fan I have an inclination to Moon Knight. While I didn’t care for the last iteration from Bendis, I’m glad to see a new take here from Warren Ellis. I’ll hand it to Marvel, everything counts. They’ve learned their lessons from playing with continuity. While the story didn’t knock my socks off, it was certainly fun. The art though, wow. The deadly combo of art by Declan Shalvey and colors by Jordie Bellaire made the book pop. Keeping Moon Knight uncolored, making him stick out was an inspired choice. I’ll definitely be checking out the next book.

Action Comics #29:


I’m really enjoying Greg Pak’s take on Superman. The story with the subterranean people seems to be wrapped up while Superman is going after Ghost Soldiers commanders. I love watching Superman be justifiably angry. It’s not his rage I enjoy, but how he contains it and focuses it smartly. Pak pulls that off well here. The last page reveal was lost on me. Is that someone I should know?

Trillium #7:


Only one more issue left to go! While I’ve normally enjoyed the unique page layouts writer/artist Jeff Lemire employs, the one here, like the last issue (at least I think it’s the last issue) is stupid. I’m glad it didn’t stick around for the entire book. Also, this issue felt short. I don’t think the last few books have been up to the normal page count. Also, I really hate when there’s a made up alien language used that is eventually given a legend to translate. I, and I’m sure 99% of audience will never know what they were saying. I could accept not knowing what was said. The story still worked, but pointing it out like this is obnoxious. The story though is still solid, as is the art. I’m really hoping he sticks the landing.

That’s all for this last week’s books. I’ll be back to my normal five this week as long as they arrive in time. What did you read last week? Comment below!

Stupid USPS. 


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