The Secret World of Alex Mack

While Snick had been around for a few years (that’s Saturday night Nickelodeon), the Secret World of Alex Mack was one of the first shows created specifically for the block. Though it was certainly no Pete & Pete, or even Clarissa Explains It All, there was plenty to love about it. A teenage girl accidentally gets super powers. What kid didn’t want that?


The concept was simple. Alexandra Mack (Larisa Oleynik) and her family lived in a corporate town. After a terrible first day of middle school, a truck delivering chemicals almost hit her. The chemical, GC-161, splashes her endowing Alex with super powers. Cough cough Daredevil cough. She can shoot electricity from her fingers, use telekinesis, and turn herself into liquid mercury (they didn’t call it this, but she looked like the T-2000). Her best friend Ray (Darris Love), and her sister, Annie (Meredith Bishop), were the only ones who knew. Danielle Atron, the CEO of the chemical company, employed the head of security at the plant, dimwitted truck driver (as he was the only witness) to track Alex down.


Alex Mack ran for a successful 4 seasons from ’94 – ’98, with a total of 78 episodes. Most of the shows were typical case of the week stuff. Alex has typical teenage problem further complicated by her powers, or the fact that the chemical company was chasing her. Plots were made out of this formula or something with her powers going haywire, nearly getting caught, etc. Not revolutionary stuff, but it didn’t have to be. For what it offered at the time, it was a lot of fun. Nothing to write home about.

Alex Mack was similar to The Tomorrow People as far as the powers went. I’m referring to the 90’s UK kid’s show that also aired on Nick, not the crap CW show. The special effects used on Alex Mack don’t hold up at all. Again, 1994.

Unlike many other kids shows, this one actually has an ending. The Chemical Plant caught her, and her parents knew her secret. Eventually they escaped, and Atron (such a villain’s name) was arrested. The show ended with her father giving her a cure. She smiled at the camera, with them never saying if she took it or not. Fine way to end a show.


There was one night on Snick where it was promoted as an all Larisa Oleynik night, with her on every show. She was on Pete & Pete, All That, and probably Are You Afraid of the Dark? I remember being pissed because I clearly saw her in all the shows except Pete & Pete. She was in “Dance Fever” as the blink and you’ll miss it nurse in the beginning. Probably wasn’t even on set. This bothered me. Oh excuse me, my OCD is showing.


Alex Mack was a good show that any kid could easily still enjoy. If you have fond memories of the show, leave it at that. Trust me.

What superpowers did you want as a kid, or adult? Wonder why Oleynik fell off the face of the Earth after 10 Things I Hate About You? Comment below!

Wordy questions. 


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