Movie Trailers: Transformers – Age of Extinction

For better or worse, there’s another Transformers movie. I’m not going to jump on the bashing bandwagon because, why? Though I don’t care for the previous entries, the battle scenes are always exciting. This seems to at least stick with that much. A lot of setup here. I like that they’ve changed up the human cast, and how the bots have gone into (purposeful?) hiding. Nothing stood out otherwise, good or bad. The battle scenes looked to be the typical bland explosive nonsense. The ending though, oh boy. Seeing Optimus square off with Grimlock was simply cool. I’ll definitely see this, if only for that, though history has taught me not to expect more than that.

Did seeing Grimlock get you pumped? Going to run out and see this? Comment below!

Me am Grimlock!


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