Comic Reviews: 2/26/14 – The Wake #6, Fantastic Four #1, Chew #40, & More

It’s time for comics!!! Sadly, another week goes by without any DC books (Vertigo doesn’t count). Anyone have an suggestions for a series? I’m thinking about Red Lantern specifically because of Charles Soule. Anywho, on with the books.

The Wake #6:


When Scott Snyder ended last issue saying the second part was the story he wanted to tell, I couldn’t wait. This was one of my favorite new series from last year after all. I wondered why they didn’t just start with this, but the last page would have been less impactful.  Sean Murphy’s art was as beautiful as ever. I love this new world and can’t want to learn more. Big plus for skillfully avoiding exposition. Buy this!!

Fantastic Four #1:


FF has had extreme ups and downs in the past few years. After Hickman’s stellar run, fans were wanting something of the same caliber. Fraction’s FF didn’t hold up, mostly because he abandoned the book before the story finished. James Robinson’s FF seems to be off to a good start. The costume change is odd, but they’ve had worse. The future flashes are enticing, but a little heavy handed at the end. Sold book though and a good opening chapter. Also, loving Leonard Kirk’s pencils.

Chew #40:


And so ends another Chew arc. We start to get some answers amidst one of the best action scenes yet. The answers were more of a tease though, begging more questions. As always, Rob Guillory’s art is perfect. I hope there isn’t a delay for the next issue. Only 20 more to go!

Rat Queens #5:


Missed this ship at first but I’m glad I’ve caught up. Not only is there an amazing battle scene (with Hannah cutting loose), but some excellent character work as well. I love the feel of this book. The characters are fleshed out with previous relationships and the world feels lived in. Can’t wait for more.

Wolverine and the X-Men #42:


This has been a great book since day one, focusing more on character than action. Graduation Day (a long standing ending theme of many X-Men books) was as bitter sweet as you’d think. The juxtaposition between this and the future was good, but a bit odd. This will read poorly when Wolverine reclaims his healing factor (it’ll happen) as this book never discussed that point, but showed it. Still, plenty of great moments abound, even one from Doop (it was awesome). While I wished they’d leave well enough alone, the new series drops next week. Hopefully it will be a worthy successor.

What did you read this week? Any suggestions for a DC book? Comment below!

Impending ice storm, bleh. 


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