Comic Reviews: 2/19/14 – New Warriors #1, Wonder Woman #28, Daredevil #36, & More

How’s it hanging Hulklings? There were a lot of titles this week but nothing really stood out above everything else. A new #1 from Marvel and Daredevil’s end, along with, gasp, two DC books! Read on to see what I thought.

New Warriors #1 – 


I didn’t enjoy this one. I have no connection to the previous iteration of the team, and I’m not entirely sure who’s who among the current cast. While I know Speedball, who seems about 8 years younger since he was on the Thunderbolts, and Nova, the rest are new to me (haven’t read Scarlet Spider, not sure why he’s called Kaine). I failed to connect with any of the characters. I didn’t have this issue when reading Runaways or Young Avengers, which featured all new characters. I’ll give this two more issues.

Wonder Woman #28 – 


I realized as I read this issue that Brian Azzarello’s entire run has been based on Wonder Woman either chasing after or defending Zola. Not a bad thing but it’s starting to wear a little thin. I was more intrigued by the final page. I have no doubt the first born is still alive. He seems to be one of the best WW villains, if not superhero villain in a long time. I wonder what the end game for this will be? I feel sorry for whoever takes over this book next.

Unwritten Apocalypse #2 – 


I had a bit of catching up to do for this. I’ve been a fan of this series since day one, but the Fables crossover slowed things to a crawl. Things seem to be back on track though. The team’s back together and the world’s gone to hell. Another scene takes place that puts me in awe of the obvious literary education creators Mike Carey and Peter Gross have. Though this issue is as dense as many previous entries, it was still just as enjoyable. And once again, I learned something.

Justice League #28 – 


As I’ve said a few times in the past, I’ve had a hard time finding DC books worthwhile to keep my pull list. Sadly, after reading this issue, I’m done with Justice League. The Forever Evil story has ruined the book for me. I haven’t been reading the mini, and I don’t really know what’s going on. I get the gist, but still feel like I’m missing something. Which is the opposite of what you’d expect given the wall of word balloons in every issue. Seeing the Metal Men was great and all, but I’ve stopped caring.

Daredevil #36 – 


Yet another volume of Daredevil concludes. Thankfully all that’s changing is the location when the same team continue DD’s adventures next month (now in San Francisco). After last issue’s cliffhanger, I thought there was going to be some clever take back. I’m glad writer Mark Waid stuck with it. The Son’s of the Serpent story wrapped up solidly. The art from Chris Samnee is as strong as ever. I hope the SF thing isn’t a fade.

I read Daredevil first. Everything was pretty much downhill since then. What did you read this week? What was your favorite? Comment below!

Finished a day early. 


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