X-Men: First Class Review – Quickly Filmed

I almost take it for granted how good this movie is. After X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there was a lot going against this. Adding to it was the incredibly tight production schedule, I’m surprised this happened at all. Thankfully, this was one of the best X-Men movies to date.

If only

If only

Matthew Vaughn directed and wrote (along with three others) this 1960’s set piece. Subtitled First Class, showing the first group of mutants Professor Xavier trained, and more importantly how he met Magneto. The best part of the film was the budding friendship between Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fastbender). The two had always been depicted as confident and experienced. Seeing a brash Xavier and careless Magneto was the best part of the film, especially considering the chemistry between McAvoy and Fastbender.


For years there was rumors floating around of a young Magneto movie. The thought of that never piqued my interest. Eventually, that was folded into here as a plot point. After the scene in Argentina, I really wish they made the other movie. Only, it should have been called Magneto: Nazi Hunter. The scenes with Magneto, particularly the early ones were the best part of the movie.

While there was plenty I liked, there’s a few annoyances I want to point out. The first class was Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, and Angel, not these yahoos. Fanboy gripe I know, but it irks me. Considering how whackadoo their continuity is, I can’t really blame them. Xavier and Magneto are the central characters, not the X-Men. Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw was great, though his cronies were completely underutilized and bland. If Mystique and Xavier grew up together, why did they not seem to know each other in the previous movies (I know, continuity). And how the hell could they kill Darwin? The guys power is to survive. He survived space travel on the outside of a spaceship. Seriously? Doubly bad for not only killing him, quickly I might add, but the only black guy too. Natch.



Nearly every fan was expected a repeat in quality akin to the previous two X-Men movies thanks to the rapid production schedule. Released June 3rd, 2011, First Class didn’t begin filming until August 2010. Films of this nature, with large set pieces and special effects, typically have a year to year and a half lead time. The first image, the cast in costume, wasn’t seen until January, with a trailer not released until February. Reshoots (common for every movie) didn’t occur until April. Expectations were low. The last notable movie with production schedule like this was The Last Stand. Still, it ultimately came together.

First image of the cast

First image of the cast

While the other mutants felt like extras, the main draw of Xavier meets Magneto was more than enough to carry the movie. Now I’m more than excited for Days of Future Past, especially since it’s Bryan Singers return to the franchise since leaving after X2, and he promises to clean up the continuity problems.


Also, the Wolverine cameo was awesome. As was the Rebecca Romign one.

What did you think of First Class? Wish they made a Young Magneto movie? Comment below!

Havok was stupid. 


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