Comic Reviews: 02/12/14 – Fuse #1, She-Hulk #1, Batman #28, & More

Hey hey hey Hulklings. I was really looking forward to She-Hulk, Fuse, and Batman this week for various reasons, none of which disappointed. I try to keep balanced with the books a read (between Marvel, DC, and Image), but the amount of great titles coming from Marvel lately is too good to pass up. Expect more Marvel reviews in the next couple weeks as a slew of new #’1 and faux-#1’s launch.

The Fuse #1:


Detective book on a space station. What’s not to like? While some of the character design is janky in certain poses from artist Justin Greenwood, the overall story is a lot of fun. This is grimy, dirty sci-fi, with a world that feels lived in. More Judge Dredd than Star Wars. Writer Antony Johnston knocks the first issue out of the park. He has colloquialisms that add depth the book with becoming distracting. I can’t wait to see this world fleshed out more.

She-Hulk #1:


It seems like writer Charles Soule can’t miss. His newest series takes on Marvel’s Jade Giantess She-Hulk. Soule is a perfect fit for this book as the setting runs with the lawyer angle. As Soule is practicing lawyer, he’s suited perfectly. While the first issue is a bit wordy, it’s still a lot of fun. Javier Puldo’s art is fantastic, reminiscent of Mike Allred. My only complaint is She-Hulk’s face is a little too round.

Batman #28:


This is a hiatus from the ongoing, seemingly endless, Year Zero. Serving as a preview for the new weekly series Batman Eternal, we see the introduction for two new-ish characters to the Bat family. Harper row makes her debut has Batman’s new partner, Bluebird. Hopefully she won’t be relegated to the same editorial fate as Batman’s numerous other previous sidekicks. I wonder who was working the Batcave as they weren’t revealed and drawn incredibly similar to Harper. Brother perhaps? As for the last page reveal, about freaking time.

The Walking Dead #121:


Part seven of All Out War continues. I really thought something would have fallen apart by now, either the plot or the art (currently released every three weeks instead of four). Somehow, the story continues unabated. While Negan is easily the best villain since the Governor, it’s Carl I’m watching. Something he said to his father is starting to show signs of cracks. Waiting to see how this turns out.

All-New X-Factor #3:


As much as I was looking forward to this book, something’s missing. The characters don’t seem to have the same interpersonal relationship that last incarnation of the book did. I’m not connecting with the characters, yet. I trust writer Peter David, so I’ll give this a bit more time. The last few pages were fun, hopefully adding a new addition to the team. Still, waiting for something to click.

What did you read this week? Comment below!

So many books, so little time and money. 


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