Movie Trailers: Brick Mansion, Joe, Drive Hard, & More

Been slim pickin’s since 2014 started as far as movie trailers go. Starting to get some good ones coming in though. I know Million Ways came out a few weeks ago, but I was waiting for some more new trailers. Not only did Paul Walker’s final movie have a preview, but so did the sequel to the cult movie The Purge, Nic Cage’s latest, and some likely bad driving movie. All of which dropped last week.

Brick Mansion:

This looks like dumb fun. A call back to 80’s action flicks, I could easily see JCVD or Jason Statham starring. Hopefully the action is constant throughout. Maybe the RZA has figured out how to act, otherwise he’ll probably weigh this down more than the premise does. And of course Walker has to drive a fast car. Parkour!

The Purge: Anarchy:

Citizen Kane this is not. Rolled my eyes pretty hard when Kiele Sanchez said “This can’t be happening.” Otherwise, this looks like dumb fun. Either a really good B movie, so bad it’s good B movie, or so bad it’s forgotten. I’m leaning to one of the first two.

A Million Ways to Die in the West:

I didn’t see Ted, no inclination. It looked like more of the typical Family Guy humor that I’ve grown past. This does look pretty funny though. The varied cast as me pretty intrigued. NPH? Sold!


This looks a lot like Out of the Furnace, only with Nic Cage. Poor town, older man who wants to do right but will probably go to jail, hillbillies, etc. Cage is hit or miss and since I abhorred Furnace, I’ll be avoiding this one.

Drive Hard:

With such a generic title, it’s hard not to have preconceived notions. Looks like all sorts of dumb fun here. Didn’t recognize Thomas Jane. Hopefully they can balance the action and comedy. This’ll likely be more of a miss. I’d wait for rental.

Anything catch your eye? Comment below!

Where’s my Highlander remake?


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