Terriers – You Missed Out

I’ll file this one in the Firefly category. Terriers was a great show on FX that only lasted a season. Sadly, due to poor rating, the show was cancelled after those first 13 episodes. Terriers, unlike Firefly, was very well taken care by the network. Sadly, the ratings weren’t present and they couldn’t justify renewing for another season. Though it is just shy of telling a completely story, it’s very much worth watching.


Terriers stars Donal Logue as Hank Dolworth, a recovering alcoholic and former police officer living in Ocean Beach, CA. His partner is a former burglar named Britt Pollack (Michael Raymond-James). The duo operate their own private investigation firm, though they are unlicensed. Hilarity ensues. I meant that last part, this show was freaking hysterical. Creator Ted Griffin comes with the same pedigree as the creators of The Shield. Which makes sense as he worked on that show as well. Terriers is like The Shield, and Sons of Anarchy, with more wit infused in its DNA.


The two investigate a few crimes as the show progresses, getting themselves in and out of trouble. Eventually they become embroiled in a high stakes murder case that proves to be much more. We do see in a few flashbacks why Dolworth left the force and how the two met. An interesting note, Dolworth’s sister is played by Karina Logue who is Donal Logue’s real life sister. They pulled the same stunt on Sons of Anarchy in season 5.


Again, the show is a lot of fun and was critically loved. With only the first episode breaking a million viewers, it’s easy to see why the show was cancelled. I don’t want to get too in depth about the show because I’d rather not give anything away. All 13 episodes are on Netflix. Considering the small commitment, it’s easy to give it this a go. While the show ends on a somewhat of a cliffhanger, it’s not bad enough to ruin the experience. If you’re looking for a short stop gap of amazing, watch Terriers. Then pour one out.

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