Comic Book Reviews: 01/29/14 – Invincible #108, Earth 2 Annual 2, & More

What it is Hulklings! Another solid batch of comics this week, but sadly, only one DC book. While I have been adding more creator owned titles to my pull list from Image and the like, I’ve decreased the amount of DC books I read. Not much of what they’re doing interests me. Anywho, here’s this weeks reviews.

Invincible #108:


Wow, did not see that coming. As the issue played out, it was obvious something was going to happen, but I didn’t suspect this. While I’ve enjoyed the series for a bit, issue #100, and the stories before and after were both a bit lacking. Now things are kicking into high gear. I really hope we only follow Mark until he returns. How great would it be to see what sort of home he finds? Oh, this was just as gory as ever.

Earth 2 Annual 2:


I had an inkling that’s who Batman was. This was a solid build up and reveal from writer Tom Taylor. This is what I enjoy about Earth 2 the most, a story like this could only be done in an offshoot, never the mainline. I hope that drug addiction doesn’t become a forgotten plot point, and plays into future stories. Only detractor for me was the flashback art. Why did everyone have sideburns? Why do they look so weird?

Black Science 3:


I’m glad we didn’t have to wait too long to find out how this journey started. I understand the mechanics, start in the middle, hook them with something awesome. Black Science knocked this out of the ballpark, and avoided the pitfall of waiting to give an explanation. Also, Dimensionaut. Yes.

Saga #18:


Though I’ve grown accustomed to the arc breaks Saga takes every 6 issues, I’m still sad when they occur. This issue tied up things nicely. Our heroes get out of another bind, their pursuers scattered to the wind, and a bit of a time skip. While I loved the confrontation with Gwendolyn, Lying Cat vs. Izabel. This was a creative extension to the lie detector. It’ll be a long wait until May for issue #19.

Guardians of the Galaxy #11.Now:


I thought last weeks All-New X-Men was the first part to the Trail of Jean Grey, but, whatever. While this issue was fun, it went on for a bit, making me wonder when they were going to get to it. Seeing Rocket poke fun at Tony Stark is always fun though. Plus, they managed to tie in a purpose to last issues raid (tapping Badoon communications). Several of the alien counsel made a good point about how this Jean has done nothing wrong, so I’m wondering what the real agenda is.

What did you read this week? Suggestions for something I should be reading? Comment below!

More freaking snow. 


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