Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Changing Fanboy Habits

As the new episodes of Dragon Ball Z released (new to us in the US), Toonami was on fire. Every show they aired was amazing and instantly garnered a huge fanbase, or at least some curious viewers. The promise of giant robots fighting in space seemed fun. Besides, with Optimus Prime himself, Peter Cullen, telling you to watch this show, you comply.

Gundam has been a long running, cumulative series in Japan starting with Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979. Wing is a spin-off series, taking many of the concepts (mechs), and giving them new characters and stories. While there was a small handful of dubbed Gundam OVA’s floating around, Wing was the first series shown on American television, the first series for many. Given its singular nature, it was the perfect jumping on point.

The five space colonies are oppressed by the United Earth Sphere Alliance. Five scientist, one on each colony, constructed a Gundam to wage war against the Alliance after years of oppression. Each one is piloted by a teenage boy, and unaware of the other, or their mission. Heero  Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Winner, and Chang Wufei are the five pilots, with Heero arguably being the main protagonist and most recognized. 


Most of the cast have a number association with their names. Heero roughly translates to one in Japanese, or more specifically with his last name, the one and only. The rest of the pilot’s names are two through five, respectively. They’re not the only ones with a numbered naming convention. Zechs Marquise is six, while General Septem is seven. The list goes on with a other random numbers.

While I was initially really excited about the series, my interest waned as the show progressed. I’m not sure if was the story, characters (is Heero running around in bike shorts?), or a disdain for mech combat, but I stopped caring. It was an odd juxtaposition considering how pumped I became watching the promos. Then again, Toonami was really good at selling a show. I would tune it to watch, flipping to something else before the show ended. All 49 episodes ran on Toonami from March through May of 2000, but I didn’t even make to April.


I remember this show as the first time I became confused with my nerd fanboy habits. I loved Toonami and therefore should love everything they offer, but I didn’t. This was the first time I stepped away. I still struggle with this sometimes, playing a game or reading a book because I feel like I should. Sometimes I pull my head out of my ass, but it takes me a while. This was one of those times.

Since Wing I’ve come to find that I don’t really care for mech fighting. I don’t bash the genre, it’s just not for me. Huh, this post took a turn I didn’t see coming.

Did you enjoy Wing? What was the first time you stepped away? Comment below!

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