Supernatural Season 2 Review – Coming Together

The second season picked up immediately after the jaw dropping finale of the first. While the first was enjoyable, the second is where the show really found its footing. As I said before, I thought this  was going to drag on its central plot like X-Files and others before it. Thankfully, the premier picked up immediately after the finale and resolved the current looming threat, for the moment.


Jeffery Dean Morgan guest starred again as John Winchester, Sam and Dean’s father. The premier was a solid episode as Dean watched himself die. It was engrossing watching him talk with death. It was obvious that John was going to trade himself for Dean though. I wish Morgan stuck around more, but he wasn’t the star of the show.

The season continued delivering a mix of one offs, humorous, and mythology driven episodes. The overall product was superior to the first. Also, this season featured a bevy of guest stars. First was Buffy’s Amber Benson as Lenore, the leader of a group of vampires in “Bloodlust” while Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer played a victim in “Roadkill.” Benson was fun while Helfer played a touching part. Gary Cole (the boss from Office Space) played a studio executive in “Hollywood Babylon,” a decent episode. My favorite guest star was Linda Blair, playing a detective in “The Usual Suspects.” The writers had fun with her character.

Linda Blair in "The Usual Suspects"

Linda Blair in “The Usual Suspects”

Recurring characters were added this season with Bobby Singer, Ellen Harvelle, and her daughter Jo. With their dad gone, the Winchesters needed more help. While both women were impossibly gorgeous given the WB’s requirement for beautiful people, Bobby was by far the best addition. Though he did appear in the first season finale, he was used more here. It wasn’t until later seasons that his character became more prevalent, though still ultimately underused.


The funniest episode was “Tall Tales.” Urban legends were coming true on a college campus; alien abduction, alligators in the sewers, etc. The brothers come to find it’s Loki (not Tom Hiddleston), playing tricks. I liked this because it introduced gods into the mix. “Croatoan” was an episode I didn’t like, only because of the subject material. I’ve seen almost a hundred (I may have rounded up)  explanations for the missing Roanoke Colony in pop culture. About 50% of the time, it’s vampires. While they used it well, it was something I was sick of seeing.


“Crossroad Blues” turned out to be an important episode for the over all mythology, though it originally appeared as a one off, factoring into the finale. “All Hell Breaks Loose” really pushed the overall story forward. I was glad to finally learn what Azazel’s plan for Sam was. I did like the Battle Royale style selection with the first part. All of my feels were hit when I saw Sam die, and what Dean did to get him back. The Samuel Colt reference was a bit much. His demon gun was good inclusion, and while I understand why it needed to be limited, it partially didn’t make sense why in reality there wouldn’t be more guns and bullets. 


Supernatural was off to good start with its first season and only increased the quality with the second. I’m not exactly sure, but it was some time between the second and third season I developed my man crush on Jensen Ackles. Plus, there’s something special about hearing Kansas’ “Wayward Son” at the beginning of every finale. No song suits the Winchester’s better.

What was your favorite episode? Like the Sam Colt devil trap? Comment below!

Jensen Ackles… swoon. 


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