NES Remix – Fun but Lacking

One of the best ideas Nintendo had on Game Boy Advance was Warioware. Quick fire games that last about 5 seconds each, then on to the next. Since then there have been multiple sequels, each adding a new spin to the series. The idea of quick mini game challenges has been locked to the Warioware franchise since its inception 10 years ago. Spinning out of the mold comes NES Remix to the Wii U, the perfect downloadable game.


Just as the world was shutting down for its annual holiday gluttony coma, Nintendo held one of it’s directs on December 18th, 2013, announcing and promoting a few different products. NES Remix was among them, revealed for the first time and surprising everyone, releasing that day as a downloadable exclusive for the Wii U. The game has a similar premise to previous Warioware games; challenges that range from 15 to 60 seconds with various goals. The twist this time is they all feature popular NES games.


You start with access to a few games, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Jr., and more. Each title as their own challenge, that start off incredibly simple at first. Kill the Goomba (3 feet in front of you) in Super Mario Bros. Knock down a piece of fruit in DKJr. Completing a challenge earns you anywhere from one to three stars. Better performance, more stars. Earning stars unlocks more games and challenges. The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fighter, Ice Climbers, and more are all present. The biggest draw is the Remixes. These challenges cross the games. For example, Link will be in Donkey Kong, and is required to climb the tower without jumping, as he doesn’t have that ability.


My biggest problem with the game is the example I just gave. Check any gaming site, video, or even wikipedia, they all give the same example. That’s because there wasn’t enough remixs. Sure, the challenges were fun, and quite a few of them pretty hard (stupid 10 1-ups in a row). But the remixing, the main selling point for the game, wasn’t pushed that hard. Again, this doesn’t sell short the rest of the game, but after 5 hours of play in an at best 8 hour game (I’m a perfectionist), that’s the best example I can remember.


This game had to be easy to develop, as all of the assets already existed. I’m not sure if the lack was due to quick development time or trepidation. I’m betting on the former as the game quickly released with no fanfare. Development for this probably took 2 months, tops. Not trying to sell the game short though. It’s fun with some difficult challenges that bring with it a wave of nostalgia, and make you question how you played half these games in the first place. Screw you Golf.


NES Remix is a lot of fun, but a little steep at $15. If you don’t have a soft spot for these games already, maybe wait for it to go on sale. Hopefully the next one will take it up a notch. SNES Remix. Can’t. Wait.

What was your favorite game? Least favorite? Comment below?

Genesis remix?


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