Movie Trailers: Kite, Son of Batman

Got two new ones for you this week. Kite dropped a while ago but has disappeared from the youtubes (let me know if this one vanishes too). Had a hard time tracking it down again. There hasn’t been new many new trailers lately (Guardians trailer, where are you?), but the new animated Son of Batman dropped today, prompting this. Here’s what I thought.


[Editors note: Trailer starts at 50 second mark if link fails.] I haven’t seen the anime this is based on, but I know of it, and that it’s uber violent. This looks like it could go either way, good or bad. It feels like Kick-Ass, violent, but good, and not for everybody. I’m interested, especially since it’s not being dumped in January or September. Plus, Sam Jackson is always entertaining, even in bad movies.

Son of Batman:

I was pretty meh about The Flashpoint Paradox and am undecided about the upcoming Justice League: War. Son of Batman has me pretty excited. They’ve seemed to streamline the story for the movie, which is fine by me. Standouts from the cast are Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo Esposito as Ra’s al Ghul and Thomas Gibson as Deathstroke, who sounds badass. It’s hard to judge the animation given the quick cuts. I hope Stuart Allan as Damian doesn’t become grating.

Not much as far as big releases but exciting for nerd genres. What did you think? Comment below!



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